2021 STAR Subscription

Posted By: Gregory Ann Goldrick Dimensions Online,

AATC’s Education STAR  Subscription has been created to give you more access to industry programs at a discounted price. When you purchase the STAR Subscription, the staff at your property are able to attend all eligible classes, seminars, and programs without worrying about the cost. The package is designed so every position within a property can enjoy an outstanding training class that will develop their skills to better perform in their role. 

The best part is, your community can enroll anytime! Your contract will be 12 months from the date you enrolled in the bundle. Year-Round Education with DFW Area Educators and Mentors. 

Benefits of the STAR Education Bundle $489 Per Property Investment ($1,300+ per property savings by being a part of STAR)

No limit on employee attendance *select programs as noted below

Each Property will have access to 29 Education Courses when you enroll in the subscription. 

  • 22 Seminars: HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance Repair, Basic Painting, Turn-Key Processes,   Advanced Sales, Customer Service, Recruiting, Training, Renewal Management, Outreach Marketing, and more.
  • 3 Leasing Foundation  Seminars: Sales, Management, and Leadership
  • 1 Admission to Basic Pool Operator Certificate Course per property (to be delivered in English and Spanish)
  • 3 Fair Housing Certificate Courses: Introduction to Fair Housing, Advanced – focusing on legal ramifications, Service Personnel/Maintenance.

PLUS 10% Discount on the following:

Programs will be delivered either in person, virtual, or hybrid. The delivery type will be noted when registering from the program.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: https://www.aatcnet.org/star-subscription

NAA Credential Courses:

  • CAMT –September 2021
  • CAM – May 2021
  • CALP – July 2021
  • CAPS – Sept 2021

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For more information, contact Gregory Ann Goldrick at ggoldrick@aatcnet.org.