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Order TAA Forms

As an AATC Member, you are able to use TAA forms!

This page contains all the information you need for acquiring TAA forms, whether in digital or printed format. You can download the order forms below for paper forms. For online forms, view the information below to see which option is relevant to you.

TAA Forms Order Sheet

AATC is your regional source for all of the TAA lease forms and contracts. AATC members in good standing can order forms using the order sheet above. If you have questions regarding any of the TAA forms call 817-616-0350.

2020-2021 TAA REDBOOK

The bible of multi-housing law is available in hard copy for $135 (plus tax and shipping).

If you’re in the property management business in Texas, you absolutely can’t function without a Redbook. With the exception of property owners using TAAs Small Owners Package, members using TAA lease forms online through Blue Moon Software already have access to the online Redbook. If not, you can subscribe to the online Redbook by clicking on the TAA website or call them at 512-479-6252. You can also purchase a hardbound copy of the TAA Redbook from AATC.


TAA Forms Online is completely Web-based software that allows you to quickly fill out and print all of the official TAA lease and Redbook forms. Blue Moon Software runs entirely in your Web browser, eliminating the need to install or update special software on your system. To set up your Blue Moon Software or for questions regarding your license agreement, check out the contact info below.

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