Our History

The Apartment Association was born in Aug 1967 out of the collective interests of a small but visionary group of multi-housing owners and managers. During the past 50-plus years, AATC has grown to include over 1,700 members providing management and related services supporting residents living in over 230,000 apartment homes spread throughout our 9-county region in north-central Texas. We have become known throughout the state and across the nation as an industry leader providing exceptional professional education curricula, effective advocacy initiatives, concise communications mediums, and unique business networking opportunities designed to support and encourage our members. Our vision for the future is quite simple — inspire the marketplace we represent.

Exceptional Leadership

Aug 1967 footnotes the association’s first collaboration with recorded minutes reflecting charter members in attendance including Del Barron, Bob Woody, Buster Kirkpatrick, Wes Alston, Bub Fleet, Gene Mitchell, Opal Perry, and Warren McKeever. The first official association business meeting was held at the Green Oaks Inn in Jan 1968 when Bub Fleet was elected AATCs first president. In addition, John Maddux was elected vice-president; Buster Kirkpatrick, second vice-president; Bob Woody, treasurer; and Mrs. Steve Hankins were appointed our first secretary AATCs office has been located in five locations, including our current location in Hurst since 2022. Apartment Highlights and Sidelight was the association’s initial membership newsletter, a 1-page commentary first published in Mar 1968. Apartment Management Newline became the association’s primary communications tool in Aug 1978 – renamed Dimensions Magazine beginning in Jul 1995. And, in 2018 we shifted our member focus to a completely digital communications tool – Dimensions Online. 

In the years that followed, a prestigious group of DFW multi-housing leaders has served as the association’s chief elected officer with a few ascending to leadership roles with our state and national affiliations. In addition to the property owner and management leaders, the association depends on its supplier partners for a broad range of leadership investments with the special interests of nearly 400 supplier partners led by our PSC advisory board. Finally, our chief executive officer and staff complete our wonderful leadership team. These professional association leaders provide the daily oversite required for AATC to nurture and inspire our members.

Chief Elected Officers - AATC Presidents

Cayce Coon, 2023
Patty Utley, 2022
Jason Busboom, 2021
Candy Maxey, 2019-2020
Nicolle Block, 2018-2019
Sherry Jordan, 2017-2018
Char McCurdy, 2016-2017
Patti Thomas, 2015-2016
Jodi Spurrell, 2014-2015
Lisa Clark, 2013-2014
Anthony Wonderly, 2012-2013
Traci Hall, 2011-2012
Michael Walker, 2010-2011
Mike Clark, 2009-2010
Darnell Harris, 2008-2009
Jim Whitehead, 2007-2008
Cindi Scoggins, 2006-2007
Vivian Dunagan, 2005-2006
Jeff Hoster, 2004-2005
Marlene Walker, 2003-2004
Jan Carroll, 2002-2003
Pamela Smallwood, 2001-2002
Robert Tinning, 2000-2001
Terry Jones, 1999-2000
Steve Roach, 1998-1999
Linda Marshall, 1997-1998

Celia Huff, 1996-1997
Doug Jackson, 1995-1996
Steve Thurber, 1994-1995
Dick Eudaly, 1993-1994
John Ross, 1992-1993
Dan Odom, 1991-1992
Carolyn Fleet, 1990-1991
Ron Shelton, 1989-1990
Tom Day, 1988-1989
Al Dumois, 1987-1988
Malcolm Fleet Jr, 1985-1987
Jerry Earnhart, 1984-1985
Marian Morriss, 1983-1984
Michael Cowan, 1981-1982
Gloria Cashman, 1980-1981
Rachael McMahan, 1979-1980
John Staples, 1977-1978
Jim Norman, 1975-1977 & 1982-1983
Roland Freeman, 1974
Arles Mason, 1972-1973
Pat Patterson, 1971 & 1973
Del Barron, 1970-1971
Buster Kirkpatrick, 1969 & 1974-1975
John Maddux, 1968-1969
Malcolm Fleet Sr, 1967-1968

Product and Service Council - Advisory Board Chairs
James Giddens, 2022
Becca Brown, 2021
Jeff Duerstock, 2019-2020
Jackie Cagle, 2018-2019
Chris Lee, 2017-2018
Paul Brown, 2016-2017
Laura Williams, 2015-2016
Charles Stroud, 2014-2015
Angie Pusateri, 2013-2014
Carrie Gebhart, 2012-2013
Mike Follis, 2011-2012
Jessica Vo, 2010-2011
Brenda Carpenter, 2009-2010
Leah Christian, 2008-2009
Celia Huff, 2007-2008
Mindy Chapman, 2006-2007
Bill Penn, 2005-2006
Brenda Miller, 2004-2005
Cindi Tatum, 2002-2003
Pat Sutherland, 2001-2002
Val Wilson, 2000-2001
Larry Duncan, 1999-2000
Lisa McQueeney, 1998-1999
Deborah Valencia, 1997-1998

Dean Jarman, 1996-1997
Sharon Purcell, 1995-1996
Pierre Rouly, 1994-1995
Bill Thoma, 1993-1994 & 2003-2004
David Newman, 1992-1993
Ed Yeats, 1991-1992
Urcell Meyers, 1990-1991
Otis Lemley, 1989-1990
Nick Nichols, 1988-1989
Joe Wolff, 1987-1988
Ken Blakley, 1986-1987
Tom Hatton, 1985-1986
Lonna Hoffman, 1984-1985
Noel Matthews, 1983-1984
Sherri McQueen, 1982-1983
Jack Bass, 1980-1982
Randy Scott, 1979-1980
Jane Lock, 1978-1979
Buddy Roberts, 1977-1978
Gene Womack, 1974-1975
Claudine Reed, 1973-1974
Ken Flosser, 1972-1973
Kelser Franks, 1971-1972
Claud Whitney, 1970-1971 & 1975-1977

AATCs Texas Apartment Association Presidents
Traci Hall, 2018-2019
Mike Clark, 2014-2015
Ron Shelton, 1999-2000
Jim Norman, 1979-1980
Arles Mason, 1975-1976
John Maddux, 1972-1973

AATCs National Apartment Association Chairmen of the Board
Ron Shelton, 2009
Tom Day, 2005
Roland Freeman, 1984
AATCs Chief Executive Officers

Kevin Pellegrino, 2022 - 
John Mitchell, 1992 - 2021
June Bass, 1979-1991
Linda Pellett, 1979
Leslie Bears, 1978-1979
Mrs. Steve Hankins, 1967-1977