2024 Education Conference

presented by Affinity Waste Solutions

Thursday, November 14, 2024
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (CST)
Category: Signature Events

Are you Remarkable?

Join us for another installment of the incredible FWAA Education Conference. Once again, we will bring you multiple session tracks so you can completely customize your experience. 

This year, we are proud to present as our keynote speaker, Dr. Randy Ross as he presents content from his best-selling book, Remarkable! Randy focuses on helping "organizations create compelling cultures by growing leaders worth following."


Event Details:

FWAA Education Conference presented by Affinity Waste Solutions
November 14th, 2024 | Fort Worth Convention Center

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About Dr. Ross:

Dr. Randy Ross is a compelling communicator, craftsman of culture and bestselling author of multiple books, including his latest book entitled, Fireproof Happiness: Extinguishing Anxiety & Igniting Hope.

Working with brands like Delta Airlines, Darden Restaurants, GE Appliances, McDonald's, Panasonic, Cox Communications, Compass Group, Chick-fil-A, Berkshire Hathaway and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, he has inspired and enabled countless people to find new passion and purpose in their work, work better together in teams and have greater influence and impact.

When people like what they do, they do it better. When people like those they do it with, they work better together. When they like the impact they're having, they find meaning and fulfillment in what they do. Dr. Ross helps them find their personal passion, while building healthier relationships and pursuing a purpose beyond self.

As the CEO of Remarkable and a former Chief People Officer, Dr. Randy Ross utilizes his experience to engage audiences worldwide with his keen insight and contagious humor. He is a messenger of practical wisdom and needed hope, untangling the biggest challenges facing today's business leader, tomorrow's workforce and the future marketplace. He lives with his wife, LuAnne, and four children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Gregory Ann Goldrick

Gregory Ann Goldrick

Director of Education, Fort Worth Apartment Association