2024 AATC Sponsorship Program

AATC works hard to ensure our 1,800 members enjoy a significant return on their investments. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is to provide a wide range of program sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring AATC programs and events is a great way to promote your business at a relatively low cost while retaining a significant ROI for your investment.




Our online Title Sponsor Auction begins at 9:00 a.m. on Mon, Nov 13, through Wed, Nov 15 at 3:00 p.m. When the auction closes on Nov 15, available title sponsors will be secured by the top bid through our Auctria system. Note that while members may bid on more than one Title Sponsorship, they will only be able to claim one of them if they win more than one. A deposit will be due to confirm your title sponsorship. See Updated Billing Process Below.

Open Sponsor Sale begins at 2:00 p.m. on Thu, Nov 16. Each open sponsor opportunity will be sold online on a first-come basis for the posted fee through our Auctria system. Available sponsor selections are unlimited; members may choose as many as they desire. A deposit will be due to confirm your sponsorship. See Updated Billing Process Below.

Updated Billing Process

In an effort to collect sponsorship payments more efficiently and to reduce the financial impact of sponsorship cancellations on the association, we have instituted a new billing policy that includes a non-refundable deposit. 

  • As always, you must be an AATC member at the time of the sponsored event to retain your sponsorship. If you pay for your sponsorship and you do not renew your membership, any sponsorship payments will be forfeited. 

  • All sponsorships will be billed immediately after you request or win your sponsorship, and either 10% or $1,500 (whichever is less), calculated for each individual sponsorship, will be due within 30 days after receiving your invoice. All non-paid deposits will result in the release of your requested sponsorship, and they will go back on the market for sale to the general membership.

  • All confirmed sponsors who have paid their deposit will be billed on or around Jan 1 for the balance of sponsorships reserved in 2024. All sponsorship payments must be received by Jan 31, or YOU MUST contact us to communicate if you need to make arrangements regarding your sponsorship payments. All requests will be assessed individually based on prior payment history.