AATC Adds Video and Photography as a Member Service

Posted By: Alexis Carreiro AATC News Updates, Dimensions Online,

Photography/Filming Services

AATC Members asked to appear in photographs and/or video productions for the benefit of AATC will not be assessed any fees for any reason.

Because of the expense and potential wear on equipment, AATC will assess discounted fees according to the fee structure below for all members who wish to utilize our in-house photography and/or video services to promote their business. This is a member-only service.

Photo/Video Fee Schedule:
(1-hour minimum on all services)

  • Photography (in-house): $100 per hour, the first round of edits included.
  • Photography (off-site): $150 per hour, billing starts when staff leaves the AATC building, the first round of edits included.
  • Photo Editing (beyond initial edits): $75 per hour
  • Video Planning and Pre-production: $75 per hour
  • Videography (in-house): $250 per hour
  • Videography (off-site): $500 per hour
  • Video Editing and Post-Production: $150 per hour
    • Prices of Video music, images, and graphics, etc., will be passed along.

*Note: AATC will not reproduce copyrighted material without permission.

For more information, contact Ed Blinn at edblinn@aatcnet.org for more information.