Presenting This Year's AATC President's Club

Posted By: Cayce Coon Dimensions Online,
AATC President's Club
AATC President's Club: (Front Row) Shannon Cleveland, Precision Appliance; Kristen Vick, Stowe's Independent Services; Bailey Acosta, InterSolutions Staffing; Rani Clark, Texas Southwest Floors; Christine Moreno, Perma Pier Foundation Repair of TX; (Second Row) Kyle Gambrell, Valet Living; John Brandes, BFS Supply; Michael Gentile, T-Rock Contracting; Jackie Cagle, Rasa Floors; Tony Sims, Century HVAC; (Back Row) Michael Follis,; Ryan Wildman, Lowe's Pro Supply; James Giddens, Sherwin-Williams.

Once again, we are honored to recognize those supplier partners who really went above and beyond to support AATC during 2022. The amount of money the President’s Club represented in 2022 was almost $260,000. This elite group of 19 suppliers accounts for nearly 12% of AATC’s total revenue and 31% of our revenue from our entire pool of over 350 supplier partners. So, hear me loud and clear when I say: We appreciate you!

None of our incredible feats would be possible without the support of our supplier partners. AATC’s annual income is around $2.2 million per year, and of that amount, $840,000 is from our supplier partners’ investments, such as dues, advertising, sponsorships, and events. That means over one-third of AATC’s revenue comes from our suppliers. So, when we say we appreciate what you do, we really mean it and couldn’t do what we do without you. 

Below is a list of the companies included in this year’s President’s Club (in order of 2022 investment). Please thank them for their efforts.

1.    MFI - McMahan’s Flooring Inc
2.    Century HVAC Distributing
3.    BFS Supply
4.    Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas
5.    ALN Apartment Data
6.    Stowe’s Independent Services LLC
7.    T-Rock Contracting
8.    InterSolutions - Property Management Staffing
10.    Service Response Team, Inc.
11.    Camp Construction Services
12.    Texas Southwest Floors Inc
13.    Lowe’s Pro Supply
14.    Real Floors
15.    Capital Tow, Inc.
16.    Sherwin Williams Company
17.    Rasa Floors
18.    Precision Appliance Leasing
19.    Valet Living

The selection criteria for the President’s Club are continually evolving; stay tuned to find out how to become part of AATC’s President’s Club for next year. 

Cayce Coon, Madera Residential, is AATC’s President. For more information, contact Ed Blinn at