Our Leadership Lyceum is where the future AATC leaders are forged.

The AATC Leadership Lyceum empowers multi-housing executives to serve. We provide the path and the connections to create a dynamic leadership experience. Our Lyceum grads design, plan and host each of our programs as well as hand-pick and invite future candidates. The vast majority of our future leaders are Lyceum grads.

2019 Lyceum Grads
Debra Claytor, American Landmark
Bryan Downer, Community Enrichment Center
​Jeff Duerstock, Updater
Jeina Parker, Pinnacle
​April Royal, Capstone

​2018 Lyceum Grads
Jinger Lane, Lincoln Property Co
John Gillespie, WAK
Jackie Cagle, Rasa
​Sandy Garza, Greystar
Mary Margaret Lemons, FW Housing

​2017 Lyceum Grads
Jason Busboom, Busboom Group
Cayce Coon, Madera
Doug Johnson, Hillwood
​Chris Lee, Earthwork
Mandy Owen, Accolade
​Patti Utley, BH Management

2016 Lyceum Grads
​Casey Board, Knightvest
Paul Brown, Maintenance Supply HQ
Lani Grant, Bell Partners
​Gayla McCown, Unity Partners
Michael Payne, Allmark
​Lisa Young, Orion

2015 Lyceum Grads
​Paul Beckingham, Pinnacle
Larry Frazier, QuadCo
Jarrad Principe, Olympus
​Gardner Reese, Greystar
Laura Williams, ALN
​Keri Terrell, US Residential

2014 Lyceum Grads
​Nicolle Block, Gables
Leah Christian, RealPage
Theresa Kolin, Lincoln
​Kylee Lambert, MAA
Laurie Mineart, Greystar
​Charles Stroud, Appliance Warehouse

2013 Lyceum Grads
​Michell Baxter, AMLI
Susan Goff, Milestone
Tiffany Macijack, Bell Partners
Chanda Rousseau, Greystar
​Laurie Pascoe, Pinnacle
Angi Pusateri, RentDebt
Michael Wells, UDR

2012 Lyceum Grads
Darcy Bixby, Atlantic
Carrie Gebhart, BG Staffing
Ian Mattingly, LumaCorp
​Lisa Rogers, Churchill
Justin Walker, Walker-Holder
​Dawn Waye, Pinnacle

2011 Lyceum Grads
Jamaka Duhon, Protea
Mile Follis, Apartment Finder
Nicole Graffis, Nspire
Lori Greenleaf, ZRS
​Colin Santos, Lincoln
​Patti Thomas, Atlantic
Pat Wiley, WestCorp

2010 Lyceum Grads
Steve Behringer, Holiday Lane
Sandra Diaz, Alpha-Barnes
Candy Maxey, Pinnacle
Christy Sanchez, Riverstone
​Jessica Vo, Comm Fit
​Zephi Valarde, Camden
Gina Young, Olympus

2009 Lyceum Grads ​
​Brenda Carpenter, Superior Floors
Jennifer Ford, Greystar
JoAnn Rios, CRES
Suzanne Schmidtke, LumaCorp
​Nicole Starkey, Alliance
​Emily Watson, McDowell
Debye Wells, AMLI

2008 Lyceum Grads
​Nicole McQuarry, Greystar
Jana Mobarak, FPRG
​Traci Hall, AMLI
​Michele Flores, Encore

2007 Lyceum Grads
​Anita Hord, Pace
Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp
Deanna Jost, Camden
​Char McCurdy, Colonial
Karen Schrah, Harbor Group
​Brian Smith, Home Sweet Home

2006 Lyceum Grads
​Lisa Clark, United Dominion
Mike Clark, Alpha-Barnes
Renetta Quintana, ConAm
​​Michael Walker, Capstone
Anthony Wonderly, Olympus

2005 Lyceum Grads
​Shirley Aguilar, WRH
Mary Ann Klingler, Colonial
​Jodi Spurrell, Milestone
​Vanessa Vanderpool, Alliance

AATCs TAA Lyceum Candidate / Grads

2018-2019 Jason Busboom, Busboom Group
2017-2018 Candy Maxey, Greystar
2016-2017 Nicolle Block, AMLI
2015-2017 Kylee Lambert, MAA
2014-2015 Char McCurdy, Madera
2013-2015 Patti Thomas, US Residential
2012-2013 Anthony Wonderly, Olympus
2011-2012 Lisa Clark, Bell Partners
2010-2011 Jodi Spurrell, Milestone & Nicole McQuarry, Winthrop

AATCs NAA Lyceum Grads

2019 Jason Busboom, Busboom Group
2018-2019 Candy Maxey, Greystar
2017 Nicolle Block, AMLI
2016 Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp
2015 Patti Thomas, Capstone
2014 Char McCurdy, US Residential
2012-2013 Jodi Spurrell, Milestone
2011 Lisa Clark, Bell Partners
2010 Anthony Wonderly, Olympus
2009 Traci Hall, AMLI
2008 Michael Walker, Capstone
2007 Mike Clark, Alpha-Barnes
2006 Megan McCadden, WestCorp
2005 Jim Whitehead, Equity
2004 Darnell Harris, Lincoln