STAR Subscription

Save money on your annual training investment.

 You may purchase the STAR Education Bundle starting on January 1st, 2021. If you would like more information about this education bundle, please contact Gregory Ann Goldrick, Director of Education at 817-616-0358 or Don't forget to budget for this outstanding training package for 2021.

AATC's Education STAR Education Subscription has been created to give you more access to industry programs at a discounted price. When you purchase the STAR Subscription, the staff at your property are able to attend all eligible classes, seminars, and programs without worrying about the cost. The package is designed so every position within a property can enjoy an outstanding training class that will develop their skills to better perform in their role. ‚Äč

Benefits of the STAR Education Bundle $489 Investment

Each Property will have access to 29 Education Courses throughout 2021

  • 22 Seminars: HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance Repair, Basic Painting, Turn-Key Processes,   Advanced Sales, Customer Service, Recruiting, Training, Renewal Management, Outreach Marketing, and more.
  • 3 Leasing Foundation Certificate Seminars
  • 1 Admission to Basic Pool Operator Certificate Course per property (to be delivered in English and Spanish)
  • 3 Fair Housing Certificate Courses: Introduction to Fair Housing, Advanced - focusing on legal ramifications, Service Personnel/Maintenance.

PLUS 10% Discount to the following:

  •  NAA Credential Courses:
    • CAMT - Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician 
    • CAM  - Certified Apartment Manager
    • CALP - Certified Apartment Leasing Professional
    • CAPS - Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor 
  • EPA 608 Certification

Programs will be delivered either in person, virtual, or hybrid. Delivery type will be noted when registering from the program.

Per Property Savings for STAR Bundle: $1,372 Value


It is a package of unlimited Half Day / Power Hours / Hot Topics / and Fair Housing training programs that you can utilize towards any of our STAR Eligible Programs during 2021. We are also offering a 10% discount on registrations for NAAEI Credential Courses: CAPS, CAMT, NALP, and CAM and EPA 608.

You can pick any of the STAR Bundle eligible classes which include: pool school(1 person, per property, per year included with STAR), fair housing, Assistant Manager Club, Leasing 101, Advanced Sales, Customer Experience, Maintenance Courses and more. Some courses will be offered in English and Spanish.

Anyone employed at your property can attend! Customize the course offerings based on your property needs. Remember, you can send anyone on your property to STAR eligible courses.

Compared to a-la-carte pricing, you will save over $1,372 for 2021 and this doesn’t included the 10% discounted pricing on the 4 credential programs.

  • You save over $1372 of your properties training budget
  • Unlimited attendance to Half Day /  Power Hours / Hot Topics / and Fair Housing courses
  • Admittance of 1 person per property for 2021 to Pool School.
  • 10% discount on  NAAEI Credential Courses: CAPS, CAMT, NALP, and CAM and EPA 608

Most importantly – this eases billing since you will only pay ONE TIME for the entire year.

Note: additional courses are offered which are not part of STAR Bundle and will have a fee associated with it.

Deadline to purchase the education bundle is February 15, 2021.  Payment must be received on or before February 15th 2021. 

For additional information about our curricula contact Gregory Ann Goldrick, Director of Career Development at