Nominating Committee – 2023 AATC Leadership Team

Posted By: Nicolle Block Dimensions Online,

It was my privilege to chair this year’s AATC Nominating Committee. Selecting AATC’s 2023 officers and directors is both an honor and a tremendous responsibility. Let me begin by thanking the nominating committee for their commitment and dedication. It takes a village to run the Association. Thanks so much to committee members Patty Utley, Cayce Coon, Sarah Turner, Nicole Zaitoon, James Giddens, Bryan Downer, Jackie Cagle, and our Interim CEO Perry Pillow for helping guide us through this process.   

The Association’s bylaws require me to submit our recommendations to every member – so that is what we are doing right now. The nominees below will be presented to the AATC’s Board of Directors for approval at the October 2022 meeting.

Our recommendations to you for AATC's 2023 officers include: 

  • President – Cayce Coon (Madera)
  • President-elect – Bryan Downer (Community Enrichment Center)
  • Treasurer –Sarah Turner (Olympus)
  • Secretary – April Royal (Capstone)
  • Vice-president – James Giddens (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Immediate Past-president – Patty Utley (Portico)
  • Past-president – Anthony Wonderly (Bellrock)

Our eight 2023-24 director nominees are: 

  • Michele Flores (S2)
  • Nicole McQuarry (American Landmark)
  • Jamie Woody (Cortland)
  • Nicole Zaitoon (Allied)
  • Becca Brown (InterSolutions)
  • John Brandes (BFS Supply)
  • Jackie Cagle (Rasa)
  • Mike Follis (

AATC’s 2023 PSC chair, Amy Alvarez (MFI), will also play an essential role as a voting director. 

Since we elected half of our voting directors every year for 2-year terms of office, we have another group of eight dedicated directors who will continue to serve in 2023:  

  • Lake Barnes (Atlantic-Pacific)
  • Christina Fouts (Westdale)
  • John Gillespie (WAK)
  • Taryn Lewis (BH)
  • Kyle Gambrell (Valet Living)
  • Daniel Pentikis (Honeybees Roofing)
  • Laura Williams (ALN)
  • Tony Sims (Century HVAC)

AATC has been blessed with a 56-year tradition of exceptional leaders serving the needs of 1,800 members who own, manage, or provide products and services to clients who live in almost 240,000 apartment homes across our 9-county region in north-central Texas. It is an honor and privilege to serve you.    

Nicolle Block, Brookfield served as AATCs President in 2018-2019, and recently served in 2022 as AATCs Nominating Committee chair. For more information, contact Perry Pillow at