President's Letter - AATC Advocacy

Posted By: Patty Utley Dimensions Online,

AATC Advocacy Remains Strong


For years, AATC has been considered a fun and vibrant organization with outstanding events, great networking opportunities, award-winning education and training, and humbling yet inspiring community service outreach. So naturally, AATC is happy to soak that perception up and display that flag proudly! But what if I told you that none of those things are the key reason AATC was originally formed? What if I told you AATC is all those things…and a whole lot more?

Enter advocacy.

Advocacy is the foundation by which AATC was founded. A group of rental property owners and managers came together in 1967 to start an association representing the multifamily industry in local governments in and around Tarrant County. The purpose was to build relationships with politicians and city leaders to tell our side of the story regarding governance, taxes, and fees. Over the years, AATC has worked hard in the best interest of its members to ensure that, at the end of the day, the impact of fees and regulation is as minimal as possible.

October is an important month for AATC advocacy with two events explicitly designed to raise money for our PAC. Each year, our demands for PAC dollars grow, so the volunteers and staff at AATC are working tirelessly to develop new and creative ways to raise money. On October 5, our annual sold-out Fall Classic Golf Tournament returned, but also, on October 18, we introduce a new PAC fundraiser, AATC Murder Mystery. The AATC PAC provides an opportunity for AATC members to contribute financial support to political candidates within AATC’s nine county service-area. 

In total, AATC is expected to raise $63,500 for the AATC PAC just in the month of October! That’s a lot of networking! None of this would be possible without the support of our incredible supplier partners that invest their money and time into AATC so our industry can flourish. Make sure you take time to thank a supplier partner because they are the glue that keeps AATC moving forward, allowing AATC to be a shining star in this industry.

So, next time you see a PAC event, get involved, invest a little money, and you’ll see how far it will take us.

Until we dance again...


Patty Utley
AATC President