CEO Update: Feb 2023

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online,

Last month was bittersweet for AATC. 

Patty Utley, our 2022 President, moved into her new role as Immediate Past-President. I speak for an entire organization that is grateful to have had such a wonderful person lead AATC through a year faced with many challenges. Working in the Association world, I often have to remind myself that our Board and Committees are made up of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to make us a better organization and a better industry. Thank you, Patty, for your support and leadership! We look forward to your continued involvement with AATC and tapping into your wisdom and insight.

We also saw the installation of a new Board of Directors along with our new President, Cayce Coon.  We are all very excited to have Cayce take over the reins from Patty. Cayce has what appears to be unlimited energy and, like so many other past presidents, a strong desire to see our industry thrive.  I’m looking forward to an exciting and successful year under her leadership.

Finally, last month we also had our Lone Star awards. This event helped celebrate the successes of our communities as well as all the people that make up our industry. We should never lose sight that our industry really isn’t just an “apartment” industry but a “housing provider” industry. Too often, our impact on the greater community is reduced to the business aspect of what we do. But the reality is, as an industry, we do so much more than focus on our business success. We provide homes to families, we provide jobs to people, and we provide structure to a community. It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Lone Star Awards, and everyone should feel proud to be part of such a vital part of our community.

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