April 2023 CEO Update

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online, Legislative Updates, Industry,

In March AATC members went to Austin to visit with our State Legislators to discuss some of the more important issues that are impacting our industry.  There were three important bills that AATC and TAA are supporting, which we discussed with our local State Representatives, that are worth highlighting:

  • Consistent Eviction Process (HB 2035 and SB 986)

This bill clarifies that cities cannot impede the eviction process.  As we all know, eviction is always a last resort.  We are not in the business of evicting people; we are here to provide housing.  Having inconsistent eviction processes across the state makes it difficult for owners of rental properties to manage their properties and their business.  Furthermore, it could delay the renting of a property to a family that is in need and willing to abide by their contractual obligations.

  • City Fee Transparency (HB 2457 and SB 767)

Current law requires cities to include a cover page on the proposed budget with information on an increase in property taxes to raise revenue.  However, the cover page does not have to include any new increased fees for services, licenses, and or permits.  This legislation would require that those fees also be on the cover page of proposed budgets so that the impacts are front and center to legislators who sometimes only read the cover pages.

  • Property Tax Relief and Reform

Both AATC and TAA are in support of the effort by legislative leaders to provide property tax relief to owners of multifamily housing by using some of the $1.5 Billion projected state surpluses.

I am happy to say that all the legislators that we met from the AATC nine-county area were very receptive to our meeting and also very supportive of our positions. Over the next several weeks, there will be more developments, and we will be sure to keep you posted. I want to thank our AATC members who accompanied us to the Capital.