April 2023 Presidents Letter

Posted By: Cayce Coon Dimensions Online,

It surprises me how fast time flies! Here we are, and it’s already April. An entire quarter up and vanished in a flash. So does time fly because we’re having fun, or is it because we are extremely busy? I’d like to go on record and say it’s both of those things. So far this year, we have already had a hugely successful Lone Star Awards event back in January. AATC hosted an amazing bowling tournament in March, where our members came together and helped us raise over $34,000 for Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth. Don’t forget that we launched our fall NAA Credentials with the start of our CAM/CAS just a week ago!

We just hosted our first PAC Fundraiser of the year via our annual Spring Fling Golf Tournament where we $41,800 for our AATC PAC! The money we raise for PAC not only goes to help us pay our Fair Share to TAA each year, but it also helps us with our advocacy efforts right here in our own backyard. As of the writing of this article, there are a group of AATC Delegates in Washington DC right now, meeting with members of Congress to make sure we have a voice when it comes to Federal policy as it pertains to our industry. Without the efforts of our PAC donations, this would not be possible. So, thank you to every sponsor and golfer who participated in our AATC Spring Fling Golf Tournament, presented by Service Response Team; your investment is both necessary and appreciated. 

We’ll also be starting our CAMT on April 25th, our CALP on May 16th, and CAPS on May 18th, so make sure you jump in on these opportunities to enhance and move your career forward. Register online for these and other courses and programs at www.aatcnet.org.

The support and generosity of our members never cease to amaze me. I am so proud to be the leader of such an incredible group of people who care about the programs and outcomes at AATC. If you feel like you’re missing out, then jump right in. We will happily allow you to jump and support our efforts, and if you don’t know where to start, then just ask any of us, and we’ll put you to work!

Carry on, my friends!

Cayce Coon, Madera Residential
AATC President