AATC CEO Update: December 2022

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online,

CEO report December 2022 

I’d like to begin with a thank you to all the members who have reached out and welcomed me to the AATC family. And for those members I have not yet met, I look forward to meeting you and encourage you to let me know your thoughts about AATC and what else we can do to help support you and our industry.

As some may know, I came to AATC from the California Apartment Association (CAA), where I was the Executive Vice President for Membership and Operations. Over my last 8+ years at CAA, I grew CAA from 420,000 units to well over 1,000,000, more than doubling membership. In addition, we introduced more products and services and generated additional revenue to help fund our business. 

I began my new role at AATC near the end of October, and it has been a great first month. I have been fortunate to inherit an amazing staff and a fantastic Board of Directors. I am trying to absorb as much information about our products and services as well as gain a better understanding of our engagement with both TAA and NAA. In mid-November, I had the opportunity to go to the NAA Assembly of Delegates, where I met folks from around the country and gained a lot of insight and new ideas.

Over the next few months, I'll be reviewing our processes, products, and services and encourage each of you to let me know your ideas. Our purpose is to serve you, our members, by offering you the products and services you need while you focus on providing what is essential, quality housing. I also want to ensure we take the time to promote our industry to the greater community. Creating quality housing can only be done with support from our Supplier Partner Members, who provide much-needed products and services necessary to keep people housed. AATC will take on a much more vocal role in the greater community as we look to promote not only the housing but also the cultural, economic, and development roles we play in society.

Kevin Pellegrino