AATC 2023 Member Dues Increase

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online,

When you become a member of AATC, you also become a member of TAA and NAA. As such, AATC pays dues to TAA and NAA for every member each year. TAA and NAA have raised their dues effective 2023. Since the balance of the dues you pay goes to AATC to operate our business, we must pass on the TAA and NAA dues increase in our dues fee schedule for our members.

As of January 1, 2023, your AATC Membership dues will increase slightly and will continue to increase over the next five years as TAA and NAA roll out their long-term plans.

For 2023, AATC dues will be as follows:

Owner Management Company

Owner-Managers are members who either own or manage at least one or more multifamily properties with 50 or more units. If you manage a property with 50 or more units, that property and the management company will need to become a member. If you are an existing owner-manager member wanting to add a property under 50 units, then call 817-284-1121 x103 for assistance.

Base Fee: $275
Per Unit Fee: $2.50 (only units not billed through your properties.)

Independent Rental Owner

IRO members include fee-managed multifamily properties and owned properties with under 50 units, including single-family homes to rent to the public. In addition, every IRO Member with ten or fewer units under their membership will receive a complimentary license to BlueMoon Click and Lease Program and unlimited access to Redbook Online.

Base Fee: $325
Per Unit Fee: $2.50

Apartment Property

Property members are individual multifamily properties that own or operate 50 or more units. Typically, these would be fee-managed or owner-managed. If you manage a property with 50 or more units, that property and the management company will need to become a member, with all the unit fees paid through the property membership. *Exception, a property with less than 50 units would need to join as an Independent Rental Owner.

Base Fee: $325
Per Unit Fee: $2.50


Supplier Partner members are companies who provide a product or service to an Owner-Manager member or a Property member. Examples include roofing, plumbing, concrete, etc.

Membership Fee: $465

All new incoming members will still incur a $75 application fee.

You will receive your membership renewals over the next few weeks for your 2023 Membership Dues.

As always, thank you for being a valued AATC Member.

Kevin Pellegrino, AATC CEO