Stay on Track with AATC Membership!

Posted By: Coni Leal Dimensions Online,

With affordable housing being a hot topic at the national level, Fort Worth is making a big impact on inventory regarding apartment rentals. Did you know that the city of Fort Worth led the nation in quarter 1 of 2023 for fastest growing apartment markets in the country? Burleson, TX, was at the top of the list, with a 20% increase in new inventory units. Not far behind, Keller was at 13%, and Arlington/Mansfield came in at a 12% increase. This growth accounts for over 4,400 new units in our growing city, and we have a considerable need for suppliers across the county now, more than ever. By the end of March 2023 – the DFW Metroplex had around 74,000 new units in development, which is also leading the country for new construction in the multifamily realm. 

This kind of news is exciting for our association and our members as they don’t just supply us with more housing to help the economy; they are building job openings and new growth opportunities for experienced onsite employees. Now is the time to get involved, advocate for your community, and make an impact in your career. Think about what you want as a community manager, how you can increase profits as a supplier, and how you can continue to expand into the future to benefit your career goals! 

Being a member of the AATC gets you in front of the right people and puts you face-to-face with leaders in our industry on a regular basis. Association members benefit from meeting new supplier partners first and discussing business relationships to help with needs and changes that continue to arise. You don’t want to be left behind while all of your neighboring businesses are moving into the future - It’s time to get noticed and get associated!