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Posted By: Ed Blinn Dimensions Online,
AATC PSC Advisory Sets 2022 Schedule

For as long as there have been property owners and managers, there have been vendors and suppliers. It could be argued that one could not exist without the other. It’s a very symbiotic relationship, and one that proves that regardless of your AATC membership status, you are important to the multifamily business—you matter!

This year’s PSC Advisory Council consists of PSC Chair, James Giddens, Sherwin-Williams; Chair-elect, Amy Alvarez, MFI; AATC Vice President, Becca Brown, Lowe’s Pro Supply; 2022 Trade Show Chair, Kyle Gambrell, Camp Construction; Shannon Cleveland, Precision Appliance Leasing; Heather Cotton, Poolsure; Adam Keck, HD Supply; Dani Keck, Rasa Floors; Daniel Pentikis, Honey Bees Roofing; Tony Sims, Century HVAC; and Megan Thornburg, Green Mountain Energy.

If you are a vendor or supplier, know that every single person on this council is available to guide you and help you through the labyrinth of AATC. Our goal to ensure that you are receiving value for your membership. If that’s not happening, then reach out; they are here to help!

Here are the scheduled meetings for 2022. Please note that all topics, dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please visit for the latest information on all upcoming meeting and events.

All meetings will be held at Mesa Mexican Cuisine in Grapevine unless stated otherwise.

  • Jan 12 – Joint w AAGD PAC/Advocacy
  • Feb 17 - UGM Bowling/Community Service
  • Apr 21 – Joint w AAGD OM Panel
  • May 19 – Joint w AAGD Fighting Burnout
  • Aug 4 – Joint w AAGD Business Exchange
  • September 15 – Joint w AAGD tba
  • Oct 13 – Trade Show
  • Nov 17 – Joint w AAGD (community service project)

We hope you can step up your PSC game this year. Afterall, it doesn’t cost you a thing! Swing on by and you’ll walk away with a little more knowledge than what you started with.

See you there!