President's Letter: Will You Dance With Me?

Posted By: Patty Utley Dimensions Online,
It’s All About the People

I am humbled and honored to be your 2022 AATC President.

It became clear to me last Friday during our Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration (every time the crowd got excited!) that this association is more than just networking events, educational programs, or rich advocacy efforts. It’s about the people. People make AATC what it is. The foundation is in place for anyone to come and pick up the mantle and move this association forward, but right now, we have the right people to make it great.

That is what this year is going to be about—people.

The multifamily industry has seen many new challenges in the last two years, from a global pandemic, eviction moratoriums, rent relief, and the worst winter storm in recent history. These have been trying times to say the least, but boy, do our people respond!

I watched with proudness as our people responded to these challenges with kindness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. These are the qualities that will change hearts and minds. We all stepped up and helped when and where we could to make sure people could stay in their homes when possible.

I want us to keep moving forward in that direction, but while we are doing that, let’s make sure we are including everyone at the table. Including everyone means we must make a concerted effort as an organization to ensure that we are positioning leadership to spearhead our diversity and inclusion efforts. Starting this year, AATC will build the framework to begin a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to help promote the importance of pulling out a chair, inviting people to the table, and promoting awareness. Our future depends on the voice of everyone who has a part to play in our industry; let’s welcome them with open arms.

I will serve as your AATC President with humility and dedication. I take this new challenge both professionally and personally. Professionally to maintain and broaden the direction of the AATC, and personally, with respect to the confidence, you are vesting in me.

Will you Dance with Me?

Patty Utley, AATC President
Area Vice President, BH Management