Pillow Talk: Advocacy Attributes

Posted By: Perry Pillow Legislative Updates,

In 2023, Pillow Talk focused on personal advocacy opportunities, importance, and impact. This year, Pillow Talk dives deeper into individual advocacy. For the next twelve months, we will explore personal advocacy challenges, how to overcome these obstacles, and the attributes obtained by conquering these limitations.    

FWAA members' primary challenge to personal advocacy involvement is fear. Maybe you are afraid that your lack of knowledge about how government works and our industry's issues prevent you from being an advocate. Perhaps you are worried that you will be called a hypocrite by your peers and family for not being proactive. You may be concerned that your personal political views will be exposed or rejected. All the above are valid concerns, but none are insurmountable.   

Action overcomes fear. In 2024, increase your knowledge and understanding of the rules, regulations, ordinances, and laws that impact your career by:

  1. Reading Pillow Talk.
  2. Attending the REDBOOK seminar.
  3. Reading advocacy information on FWAA's, TAA's, and NAA's websites.   

Put your knowledge to work by voting in the March 5th primaries, May 4th municipal elections, and November 5th general elections. The 2024 elections include presidential, congressional, state representative, county, and city elections. These elections are a fantastic opportunity to make your voice heard.  

FWAA is a non-partisan, professional trade association representing our members' business interests. FWAA does not advocate for social, moral, or faith-based issues. FWAA focuses on real estate, property rights, and business issues that impact the multifamily industry. FWAA members hold deeply personal convictions and political views across the political spectrum. FWAA values these beliefs, but these are not the basis for FWAA's support or opposition to candidates and legislation. Do not let your perspective prevent you from being involved in FWAA advocacy initiatives. Share your perspective with FWAA members. Your unique experience will inform FWAA staff and leadership on approaching a particular issue or policy concern.      

Your action produces the most essential advocacy attribute: personal involvement. You have acquired knowledge, fulfilled a civic duty by voting, and broadened your influence by civilly sharing your viewpoints.

Attribute Tip: FWAA members Stephanie Klick (R – HD 91) and Craig Goldman (R – TX CD 12) are running for office in 2024. Klick is running to retain her state representative seat, and Goldman is running for the open Texas congressional district 12 seat. If you live in HD 91 or CD 12, be sure to vote for Klick and Goldman in March and November.

If you would like more information about personal involvement in FWAA advocacy, please email Perry Pillow at perry@aatcnet.org

NEW LAWS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1ST - A new year means new Texas laws. Most bills passed during the 2023 Texas legislature session went into effect on September 1, 2023; however, more than thirty new laws will start on January 1, 2024. The following is a summary of the laws that impact our industry. 

Property Taxes – Legislation related to property taxes was a top priority for TAA during the session. Effective January 1, HB 796 requires appraisal districts to keep a public database with information about protest hearings online.

Franchise Taxes (Senate Bill 3) – was part of a package of tax relief measures passed by lawmakers during a special legislative session. This law allows taxable entities to exempt $2.47 million of their total revenue from franchise tax.

HOA Fines – FWAA members that manage homeowner associations need to know that HB 614 requires before an HOA can issue a fine, it must adopt a policy pertaining to the fine that includes violation categories, amounts, and information about appeals/hearings. This policy must be posted online or sent to HOA members each year. 

2024 FWAA ADVOCACY LEADERSHIP – FWAA Treasurer April Royal, Vice President of Property Management for Birchstone Residential, will serve as FWAA's 2024 Government Affairs Committee Chair and Chair of the AATC PAC. In addition to April Royal, the 2024 AATC PAC trustees include FWAA officers President Bryan Downer (Community Enrichment Center), President-elect Sarah Turner (Olympus), FWAA Secretary Nicole Zaitoon (Allied Property Management), FWAA Vice President Amy Alvarez (MFI), Immediate Past President Cayce Coon (Madera), and Past President Patty Utley (Portico). FWAA advocacy staff includes CEO Kevin Pellegrino and Director of Government Affairs Perry Pillow.

CONTRIBUTE TO THE FWAA PAC – FWAA advocacy efforts depend on all our members doing their part to support candidates that align with FWAA's financial interests. Please contribute to the FWAA PAC by clicking on the following link: https://form.jotform.com/220464310148143

Perry Pillow is FWAA's Director of Government Affairs. For more information, contact Perry at ppillow@aatcnet.org or call 817-701-6353