Pillow Talk - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Posted By: Perry Pillow Legislative Updates,

Queen Elizabeth II’s death and the instantaneous transfer of sovereignty to King Charles III provide a historic opportunity for Americans to reflect upon the unique blessing of liberty in our nation’s 246-year self-government experiment. Monarchy produces pomp and ceremony, divine right, and government by virtue of birth – the American constitutional, democratic republic provides a government of, for, and by the people. We have a president, not a king.

American presidents exercise their duties within the constraints of the United States Constitution and under the principle of limited government. Presidents are not absolute, life-long rulers. Eight years is the maximum they get. We will take a high-level overview of the federal government for the next three months. We begin our federal journey at the most famous address in the world: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Given our toxic political environment, separating the office from the person—the Presidency from the President is difficult. Our focus will be on the office, not the occupant.

Constitutionally, the President is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, head of the executive branch, head of state, chief diplomat, and one-third of the legislative process. The President conducts economic, domestic, and foreign policy. They are the leader of the free world and the leader of the most dominant economy and military in the world. More importantly, the President sets the tone. They embody America and American values to our allies and enemies. They are the leader of the entire nation, not just one segment of a political party.

Thomas Jefferson famously remarked, “No man will ever bring out of the Presidency the reputation which carries him into it. To myself, personally, it brings nothing but drudgery and daily loss of friends.”

Eviction moratoriums, CDC declarations, and the CARES Act emanating from the White House have been drudgery and a daily loss of revenues for AATC members.

FORT WORTH SHORT-TERM RENTALS – The Fort Worth City Council is expected to vote on a short-term rental (defined as a lease less than 30 days) ordinance in October. AATC Government Affairs Committee Chair Nicole Zaitoon and AATC staff member Perry Pillow have met with Mayor Parker, members of the city council, and senior city staff to advocate our industry position that any new ordinances or zoning requirements do not adversely impact AATC members. AATC strongly believes that all multifamily properties should be allowed to offer short-term rentals (if they so choose) with minimum regulatory impact. AATC opposes any additional restrictions or regulations on multifamily owners/operators.

STATE SENATOR-ELECT PHIL KING CLAY SHOOT – AATC President Patty Utley, AATC Treasurer Bryan Downer; Past President Anthony Wonderly; AATC member attorney Jim Floyd; and AATC PSC Chair James Giddens along with AATC staff member Perry Pillow and TAA staff members David Mintz and Kyle Jackson recently attended Republican State Senator-elect Phil Kings’ clay shoot fundraiser in west Fort Worth. King is a long-time AATC friend and long-serving Parker County state representative. King is seeking the newly redistricted Texas state senate district ten that includes large portions of southern Tarrant and Parker counites, all of Brown, Callahan, Palo Pinto, Stephens, and Shackelford counties.

ELLZEY and VEASY CONGRESSIONAL MEETINGS – AATC members and staff, along with AAGD members and staff, recently hosted properties tours for congress members Marc Veasey (D – TX 33) and Jake Ellzey (TX – 6). These tours were an opportunity to meet Veasy and Ellzey at apartment properties in their districts and share the impact the CARES Act, limited voucher funding, eviction moratoriums, and the economy are all having on our industry. These meetings were also an opportunity to thank congressman Veasy and Ellzey for their willingness to dialogue with our industry by giving each of them a $5,000 contribution from the NAA PAC.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE COLLIER MEETING – AATC President Patty Utley and AATC’s TAA Legislative Committee member John Gillespie along with Perry Pillow, recently attended a fundraiser for State Representative Nicole Collier (D – TX95). During this event, Rep. Collier engaged Utley, Gillespie, and Pillow in a very productive discussion about parking issues in apartment communities.

AATC PAC FALL GOLF TOURNAMENT – Party Passes are available for AATC PAC’s Fall Golf Classic on Wednesday, October 5th, from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at Bridlewood Golf Club (4000 Windsor Dr, Flower Mound, TX 75028). Visit aatcnet.org for more information or contact Mindy Barnes at mbarnes@aatcnet.org

AATC PAC MURDER MYSTERY EVENT – AATC’s PAC Murder Mystery event is on October 18th from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at River Ranch in the Fort Worth Stockyards. This invitation-only team event is $250 per person (personal money). For more information about participating in this amazing event, contact Mindy Barnes at mbarnes@aatcnet.org