May 2023 President's Letter

Posted By: Cayce Coon Community, Dimensions Online,

As I write this letter, safety, and security are on my mind. Over the past few months, our industry has experienced a few tragic circumstances that no one, regardless of industry, ever wants to experience. Residents confront our onsite managers, assistant managers, maintenance techs, leasing agents, and more daily. While most exchanges with residents are pleasant, or at least kept to a professional level, there are rare instances where the scenario playing out escalates into an unmanageable situation. Whether it’s an unprovoked assault or even, God-forbid, worse, it’s vital as an industry for all of us to stay thoughtful, dutiful, and aware during these stressful times.

Owner-managers, now is the time to engage your teams and update them on de-escalation and conflict-resolution techniques. No guarantees this will always have favorable outcomes, but it certainly can’t hurt because the more you know, the better off you are.

AATC will soon be putting together a series of classes to help put safety and security front and center with your teams, and we hope you’ll be able to come to learn and, most importantly, share ideas with us during these sessions.

Now for an AATC industry update. TAA held its annual TAA One Expo and Trade Show in Fort Worth in April. It was one for the ages—excellent turnout with special guest Mathew McConaughey which was alright, alright, alright. Based on the line of people waiting to get into the auditorium, you would have thought an iPhone launch was happening.

Moving forward, NAA is hosting its annual Education Conference and Trade Show in Atlanta this year. We hope you are present to witness Angel Diaz, our long-time Maintenance Mania Region 6 Champion, go up against some of the best Maintenance Mania competitors in the nation. So come out and help us cheer him on.

That’s all for now, but we’ll see you in June.

Cayce Coon, Madera Residential
AATC President