CEO Update - March 2023

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online,

As the 2023 Legislative Session begins, it is an excellent time to remind all our members of our advocacy role in protecting property rights that enable you to develop better communities and provide quality housing to the greater population. Unfortunately, all too often, intended legislation leads to regulatory overreach, which drives up the cost of doing business, which in effect drives up the cost of living for everyone, including renters. A large part of our mission is to reduce onerous regulations for our members, allowing them to control the costs of providing quality housing.

AATC and TAA are already actively defending property owners' rights at both the State and Local levels. TAA has recently introduced a state-level bill prohibiting local governments from regulating evictions, allowing for a consistent policy across the entire state and making managing properties less complex and expensive. The bill is still in its infancy, but we will keep you posted on its progress and may reach out for you to contact your state legislator in support.

At the local level, AATC has already won a substantial victory for our industry. For example, recently, we stopped an onerous effort to regulate short-term rentals in the City of Fort Worth. The proposed regulation would have made it more difficult for owners to provide short-term rentals (under 30 days).

The next few months will be a politically active time for State legislation, and AATC will keep you informed of any developments that will impact our industry. I encourage you to stay informed and, more importantly, let people know what a vital part in the local economy our industry plays in our communities overall health and well-being.

Kevin Pellegrino is AATC's CEO. For information, contact Kevin at