CEO Report - July 2023

Posted By: Kevin Pellegrino Dimensions Online,

Summer is upon us.

For those of you who attended Apartmentalize in Atlanta, you felt the heat and humidity. Being new to Fort Worth, I’m preparing for my first summer in Texas. Coming from the West Coast, I was always used to the hotter temperatures (sometimes reaching as high as 120 degrees), but it was a dry heat.  

Apartmentalize was a wonderful event for our industry. There were well over 12,000 participants from all over the United States as well as over 150 participants that attended from various countries. It was an excellent way to meet old friends and make new ones. But more importantly, many classes and events reminded us of our industry’s importance in society. 

Fortunately, in the Greater Fort Worth area, we are not constantly attacked by people outside the industry who wish to characterize what we do negatively. Many parts of the country are under constant threat and envy the respect our industry receives locally.  

Let’s never forget that besides providing homes for our citizens, we create jobs, spur substantial economic impact on local businesses, beautify areas with constant improvements to maintain properties, and provide a tremendous amount of charitable work that helps families across the spectrum. We should all hang our heads high and be proud of our work. 

As we enter the hot summer months, AATC cuts back on the number of events we offer our members so they can utilize these months for family vacations and enjoy time with family and friends. I want to say thank you, one and all, for helping make AATC and the greater Fort Worth area the fastest-growing and most desirable market in the United States! Be sure to hang your head high when talking with others about what you do. It is critical to our success and, more importantly, to the people we all help in our community.

Finally, if your travels find you close to the office, please stop and say hello. Our staff is always happy to visit with members and share information about our industry, products, and services.