All In the Family

Posted By: Patty Utley Dimensions Online,

If you ask someone what comes to mind when they think of AATC, there is one word mentioned more than others—FAMILY. For us, this is a badge of honor! It is precisely what we want people to think. We are not your average, everyday association. We want everyone to feel like they belong at the table. We work extremely hard to ensure that people who wish to be involved have many opportunities. The halls of AATC history are full of members who started serving in a small way, and through their commitment to AATC, over time, they were able to rise to the ranks of AATC President. They have even been able to take their success with AATC and move on to other local associations as leaders in the industry, including Presidents of TAA and NAA—part of our extended family.

We are also a family in that we help each when the opportunity arises. From my experience, there is not a more thoughtful, helpful, and caring group than our fellow AATC members. The first to cheer with you in your successes and to support you when life brings you down. I could not ask for a better group of friends and colleagues than those I have met while serving for the association.

As friends do, they support each other in business endeavors. Since our inception, we have encouraged members to support members with business pursuits. It is our mantra. If you need a product or service, please start your search with AATC members first—Members doing business with Members.

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If you are a member, you have an open invitation to the dance. We welcome everyone, arms wide open. We want to see you succeed. We want you to get involved and be part of our mission. We want to see you go far!

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See you soon!

Patty Utley, BH Management
AATC President