Caroline Gee

Certified Apartment Supplier

Event Coordinator

Matrix Construction Services


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Professional Bio

Since graduating from Baylor University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation and Business Management, Caroline Gee has been applying her knowledge and skills as the event coordinator at Matrix Construction Services. Her education provided her with a solid foundation in innovative business strategies and management techniques, which she now leverages to make significant contributions to the company's event planning and execution efforts.

Caroline's journey at Matrix Construction Services began in 2017, covering a range of roles that deepened her understanding of the business from various angles. Starting as an administrative assistant in accounts payable for two summers, she moved on to gain invaluable insights into marketing and management through internships. Advancing to a Business Development Representative for 1.5 years, Caroline honed her skills in fostering business growth and building strategic relationships. Today, as the Marketing Event Coordinator, she is tasked with orchestrating all company and association-designated events, ensuring they not only meet but exceed strategic goals.

This progression through different departments has equipped Caroline with a unique blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, enabling her to excel in her current role. She takes pride in creating memorable events that align with the company's vision, facilitating connections that drive the business forward.


Photo of Caroline Gee