Texas Supreme Court Ends Eviction Order

Posted By: Perry Pillow Dimensions Online, Legislative Updates,

Source: Texas Apartment Association

The Texas Supreme Court will not renew its Emergency Order setting additional rules and procedures for eviction hearings. Variations of this Emergency Order have been in place following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic three years ago.  The current Emergency Order will expire July 1, 2023, and it will not be renewed.  

TAA has devoted significant time and resources over the last three years, participating in the Court’s committee on emergency orders and regularly meeting with individual justices and other stakeholders regarding our concerns. Most recently, TAA requested in writing that the Supreme Court terminate the Emergency Order given Governor Abbott’s decision to not renew the state’s disaster declaration for COVID-19 and the lack of funding for rental assistance. We are extremely pleased to see the Court’s decision to dispense with emergency COVID orders for eviction actions.    

The expiration of the court’s Emergency Order removes additional notices and procedures which made the eviction process longer, more expensive, and prone to judicial inconsistencies. TAA commends the Texas Supreme Court for considering our concerns and allowing courts to return to pre-pandemic rules and processes.

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