President's Letter: Feb 2024

Posted By: Bryan Downer Dimensions Online,

Love is in the Air

Wow! The Lone Star Awards was another amazing event! Thank you all for showing up with great numbers. The event sold out, and we had a packed house. The room was beautiful, and it looked like everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you to Kristen Vick and Stowes for being the event's presenting sponsor and Laurie Root with Asset Living for leading an amazing committee.

The FWAA staff did a great job doing all the things they do and doing them well.

My favorite part of Lone Star is when properties that win come to the stage. Managers, assistants, leasing agents, maintenance techs, and porters are all making their way to the stage, getting their awards, and taking a bow. Watching these superstars stand in front of 700 people is so much fun. Some of the winners are in their element and enjoying the limelight, while some are in complete shock. But at the end of it all, they know they have achieved something notable, feel a little reward for their hard work, and feel a little proud.

FWAA does an outstanding job of making every member feel loved. Whether it is for a job well done or just being a part of the Association. A big part of loving someone is ensuring that the person is cared for and protected. Our leadership strives very diligently to make that a reality. 

Whether it's Perry in Government Affairs keeping up with the continuous government policies coming at us or any other staff member at FWAA, they all do a great job of making certain their responsibilities are handled in a way that benefits us all; we can rest assured that we have great folks looking after us.

Your Board and Committees also have an important task: looking out for your best interests. For those who attended the Lone Star Awards, you saw each of your leaders on stage with their right hands raised to solemnly affirm that we would uphold the association's bylaws and thus watch out for you—the members. I want to make certain that you all know that none of us take that responsibility lightly. 

Speaking of love, I know that each of your residents feels special and cared for, and for that, I thank you. Keep the love going!