Pillow Talk - Me to We

Posted By: Perry Pillow Legislative Updates,

Last month, we took a break from exploring numerous personal advocacy obstacles to focus on voting in the March 5th primary elections. This month, we return to our series Advocacy Attributes and examine how to transform personal convictions into corporate causes: turning Me into We.

Many FWAA members hold deep, personal political ideologies. Some FWAA members base their political views on religious beliefs. Some FWAA members have strong opinions about government fiscal policy but are neutral on social issues. Many FWAA members adhere to a particular political party and consider support for members of the other party an anathema.  

All of us have our political biases and preferences. These traits include demographic (race, gender, age, religion, education attainment, marital status, housing type, income, etc.) and experiential (emotions, behaviors, relational, etc.) characteristics that shape our political perspectives. These attributes and attitudes make you unique and an asset to FWAA's advocacy efforts.  

Our challenge is to subordinate the personal and accentuate the association: me to we, yours to ours, and you to us—not an easy transformation.  

Need a good place to start? Then start with our FWAA PAC By-Laws that state:  The purpose of the AATCPAC shall be to provide an opportunity for individuals interested in the multi-family housing industry to contribute support to worthy candidates for public office who have demonstrated a belief in the principles to which the industry is dedicated. AATCPAC funds shall also be made available to support or oppose the passage of measures submitted in public elections. In addition, AATCPAC funds shall be available to support the government relations activities of AATC. All contributions will be made without regard to any political party affiliation.

The key phrases are: "belief in the principles to which the industry is dedicated" and "without regard to any political party affiliation."  

The questions FWAA members must ask the person in the mirror are 1) do my personal beliefs align with FWAA's principles? and 2) can I support candidates without regard to political party. 

Advocacy Attribute: Do not compromise your convictions. Do work for compromise on FWAA-related policy issues. Do not be duplicitous. Be bipartisan.

FWAA MEMBERS ATTEND NAA ADVOCATE – Last month, FWAA members Amy Alvarez, Alexis Carreiro, Becca Brown, Bryan Downer, Cayce Coon, Jackie Cagle, Patty Utley, and Sarah Turner along with FWAA staff members Kevin Pellegrino and Perry Pillow travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in NAA's Advocate conference. Amy, Alexis, Becca, Bryan,  Cayce, Jackie, Patty, and Sarah met with Congressman Marc Veasey (D – TX33) and housing staff members for members of Congress Kay Granger (R – TX 12), Jake Ellzey (R – TX 6), Beth Van Duyne (R – TX 24); and Roger Williams (R – TX 25). FWAA members strongly urged Congress to eliminate the CARES Act 30-day notice to vacate requirements. Big thank you to  Amy, Alexis, Becca, Bryan,  Cayce, Jackie, Patty, and Sarah for taking the time to go to Washington and represent our members on Capitol Hill. What happens in D.C. stays in D.C.! 

MARCH 5TH PRIMARY RESULTS - FWAA-endorsed candidates had mixed results in the March 5th primary elections. FWAA, TAA, & NAA PAC supported candidates in FWAA's service area and won one contest outright (Dawn Waye (R) – Denton County Tax Assessor-Collector – 62%). FWAA member Craig Goldman (R) – 44.35% is in a run-off for the open congressional district 12 seat to replace longtime FWAA friend Kay Granger. FWAA member Republican state representative Stephanie Klick (H.D. 91) – 48% is in a run-off with David Lowe – 46%. FWAA PAC supported Republican state representative Glenn Rogers (H.D. – 60) – 37% and lost to challenger Mike Olcott – 63%. In a remarkably close race, FWAA PAC supported Republican Tarrant County Tax Assessor–Collector Wendy Burgess – 49.7% lost to former Tarrant County Republic Party Chair Rick Barnes – 50.3%. Other contests that impact FWAA members include:

Democrat Primary: Tarrant County Commissioner – Precinct 1 is going to a run-off between former Fort Worth City Council Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks - 37% and Rodrick Miles – 32%.

Republican Primary: Congressman Jake Ellzey (TX – 6) won with 61%; State Representative Gio Capriglione (H.D. 98) won with 70%; State Representative Charlie Geren (H.D. 99) won with 60%; State Representative Dewayne Burns(H.D. 58) – 41% is in a run-off with Helen Kerwin – 49%. The open state representative district 97 race to replace Craig Goldman is going to a run-off between Cheryl Bean (49.6%) and John McQueeney (29.66%)

On March 19th, FWAA's PAC trustees approved an additional $2,500 contribution to Republican state representative Stephanie Klick (H.D. 91) for her May 28th run-off election.

2024 MUNICIPAL ELECTION CANDIDATES – More than fifty candidates have filed to run in the May 4th elections for city council or mayor in the ten largest cities in FWAA's service-area. Significant candidate highlights include:

NRH Mayor Oscar Trevino not seeking re-election; 
FWAA has strong ties to both NRH mayoral candidates:  Jack McCarty & Tito Rodriguez;
3 candidates for open Arlington District 1 seat – Moise term-limited; 
Former Bedford Mayor Jim Griffin is challenging 1st-term Bedford Mayor Dan Cogan; and
No elections in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH CONSIDERS MONTHLY $5.65 PER UNIT FEE:  - In March, Fort Worth city staff proposed assessing a perpetual, monthly $5.65 per unit fee to pay for infrastructure repair. FWAA staff met with Fort Worth city council members to express the devasting impact this fee would have on FWAA members and residents. FWAA was assured that this fee does not have the support of the majority of the council and will not be enacted.

FORT WORTH ENACTS VETERANS SOI PROTECTIONS – In March, the Fort Worth City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against military veterans based on the veteran's source of income (SOI). FWAA along with TAA and AAGD, HAA, SAAA, & AAA worked tirelessly to enact a statewide preemption for SOI (i.e. mandatory Section 8) protection. 

The state statute has an exception for cities to enact SOI for veterans. FWAA was unaware that the Fort Worth City Council was considering this proposal. FWAA members have an exemplary record of housing veterans including housing more than 160 homeless veterans in less than 60 days in 2021. We understand that San Antonio is currently considering a similar ordinance. FWAA is developing an online seminar to help our members successfully adhere to this new requirement.

CONTRIBUTE TO THE FWAA PAC – FWAA advocacy efforts depend on all our members doing their part to financially support candidates that align with FWAA's interests. Please contribute to the FWAA PAC by clicking on the following link:  https://form.jotform.com/220464310148143

Perry Pillow is FWAA's Director of Government Affairs. For more information, contact Perry at  
ppillow@aatcnet.org or call 817-701-6353.