Multifamily Heroes Step Up In a Big Way

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Below, you will find testimonials and accolades from all kinds of industry folks to showcase their response heroes during this 100-year winter storm. Countless damages to onsite properties as well as resident property loss. 

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Olympus Property

Multiple team members (Business Managers, Lead Maintenance, Assistant Maintenance, Leasing consultants) worked all hours of the day and night at each community.  Some had their spouses out helping clean and extract water from homes.  Many didn’t have electricity or water at their own homes.  They left their families to make sure the residents at “Their community” were taken care of.  We had multiple service team members who slept at the property to ensure they were there for emergencies or fire watch. Even our Regional Managers were moving helping extract water, deliver supplies, putting out ice melt in garages, walking vacants as we turned on water, helping the teams handle resident calls, follow up with prospects and so much more.  Our Construction Manager was in his truck with a trailer (driving a big 30mph) driving supplies all across the metroplex.  We even had a couple suppliers helping us deliver supplies (Earthworks and Lowes) This was an event I never want to see again, but couldn’t have been more proud of our teams and the industry across the state.

The Regional Managers gathered some Stand Outs for the Dallas/ Fort Worth and Midland/ Odessa markets.   

Mosaic (Dallas, Texas)

  • Created a “Warming Station” when the freeze caused multiple line breaks and their boiler system (which controls the heat) to go out to multiple units.  The warming station was in the downstairs resident work center. They offered soup, chili, hot cocoa and hot tea.
  • Organized for Hello Fresh to deliver their boxes that could not be shipped out to Mosaic for their residents.  FOR FREE! 
  • Our sprinkler lines in the garage busted due to the freeze (even after pressure was released before the freeze).  Our team called every car owner and asked them to move their cars.  There was a couple that were unable to due to being out of town.  (lots of calls!)

Olympus Town Center, Olympus Waterford, Olympus Stone Glen (Keller, Texas)

  • The City of Keller had issues with their water tower which affected the entire city.  This coupled with intermittent power was a huge burden for the city and our residents.   The team at Olympus provided pallets of water bottles to the residents. Multiple residents called and sent messages thanking us for thinking about them.

  • A Regional reached out to a Lead Maintenance Tech, Ryan, who was dealing with multiple calls, he stopped and pulled the wet (frozen) pad for two large apartments out by himself because the carpet cleaning company said it would be two days.  It was literally freezing to his shirt.  This is the text they sent him and his response: 

Olympus 7th Street Station (Fort Worth, Texas)

  • The residents went without power for multiple days, then then the water went out for a few more days.  The team communicated on a daily basis with the residents.   
  • The team at Olympus provided pallets of water bottles to the residents.
  • Our leasing consultant at Olympus 7th Street contacted every resident by phone to discuss when the water was going to be on.
  • When the city turned the water back on to the property we had our courtesy officer (FW Police) and his wife, the entire onsite team and multiple team members from our home (corporate) office available to walk vacant units, units that the resident was not home and the buildings to address any leaks (Friday 2/19 5pm – 10pm)

Olympus at Ross (Dallas, Texas)

  • Due to the weather our service team members were unable to get to the property. Our two leasing consultants and our courtesy officer (DPD Officer) took the 24 hour fire watch and even handled a few emergency service requests.

Olympus Willow Park (Willow Park, Texas)

  • Two service team members and the courtesy officer took turns walking the 31 buildings over 33 acres for fire watch while being without power in their own homes onsite.  While also taking call on the emergency issues that came up.  At one point they were warming up over a charcoal grill (in the parking lot of course)

Midland/ Odessa

  • 2020 leading into 2021 has been an occupancy challenge for this market due to the oil and gas industry.  The teams not only had to reach out and follow up with multiple residents they had A LOT of vacant units to walk throughout this past week to ensure that the residents around these units did not receive any or had limited exposure to damage. 

Becca Brown, Lowes Pro (MSHQ)

  • Becca (AND HER FAMILY) helped distribute water bottles to Keller and Fort Worth Texas during the freeze due to delivery trucks being down.  It was amazing to have that kind of support and customer service!  (This is Becca’s daughter, Parker, helping deliver water)

We are very thankful for all of our supplier partners and local associations for their support.

FSGS - Your Trusted Sign Partner

FSGS made a donation of blankets and socks to the Dallas Warming Center set up by Our Calling at the Kay Baily Hutchinson Center.