Introducing AATC's 2024 Board of Directors

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AATC's 2024 Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Each year, AATC goes through the rigorous, but important task of selecting its new leaders for the upcoming year. It’s a task delegated to the Nominating Committee, as outlined in our bylaws. 

Here’s how the process works. Each year, AATC selects two new Executive officers, four owner-manager voting board members, and four supplier partner voting board members. Sometimes, there are vacancies to be filled in various capacities, but overall, that’s how it works.

In addition to that, the incoming PSC Chair sits on the board as a voting board member. In all, there are 24 voting members each year. We also invite all committee chairs to board meetings to act in a non-voting capacity to give updates on the various committees operating in AATC.

*Represents New Board Members starting Jan 1, 2024

Executive Committee

  • Bryan Downer, President – Community Enrichment Center
  • Sarah Turner, President-Elect – Olympus Property Management
  • April Royal, Treasurer – Birchstone Residential
  • *Nicole Zaitoon, Secretary – Allied Property Management
  • *Amy Alvarez, Vice-President PSC - MFI
  • Cayce Coon, Immediate Past-President – Madera Residential
  • Patty Utley, Past-President – Portico Property Management

Board Members 2023-2024 (2-year terms)

Owner Managers

  • Michele Flores – Brazos Residential
  • Nicole McQuarry – American Landmark
  • Jamie Woody – 400 Hulen Urban Homes
  • *Darcy Bixby - Westdale Asset
    (serving to complete Nicole Zaitoon’s term)

Supplier Partners

  • John Brandes - Maintenance Supply Solutions
  • Becca Brown - InterSolutions
  • Jackie Cagle - Rasa Floors
  • Mike Follis -
  • *Kyle Gambrell - Valet Living 
    (2024 PSC Chair Board Seat, 1-year term)

Board Members 2024-2025 (2-year terms)


  • *Cara Glover – Hillwood Properties
  • *Jimmy McClung – Luma Residential
  • *Katy Polanco – Olympus Property Management
  • *Tjaye Cupit-Sanders – Madera Residential

      Supplier Partners

  • *Heather Cotton - Poolsure
  • *Jacob Crockett - Earthworks
  • *Adam Keck – HD Supply
  • *Kristen Vick – Stowe’s Independent Services