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Plumbing Fundamentals: Water Heater & Garbage Disposal  - Live Webinar

Plumbing Fundamentals: Water Heater & Garbage Disposal - Live Webinar

Live Webinar with Frank Martin of Lowe's Pro

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT)

Plumbing Fundamentals Zoom Link

25 Seats Remaining

* Registration open until 3/30/21 at 12:00 AM (CDT)

Event Details

Virtual Maintenance Series Presented By Lowe's Pro Supply

Fundamentals: Plumbing

In this session we are going to discuss Water Heaters and Garbage Disposals

Water Heaters:

Recognize safety-related issues when working on gas or electric water heaters, identify most common water heater ratings and sizes, how to calculate a water heater's first hour rating. Identify components common to both electric and gas water heaters, understand typical operation of gas water heaters, and the gas related components, and understand the typical operation of electrical water heaters.  You will also discuss the typcial routine maintenance procedures for gas and electric water heaters as well as troubleshooting common faults.

Garbarge Disposals:

You will learn the most commong troubleshooting issues with garbarge disposals and how to diagnose them.


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Lowe's Pro Supply is the instructor for the Maintenance Virtual Series.

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