Lone Star Awards

Industry Awards Show and AATC Installation

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Friday, January 29, 2021
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CST)
Texas Motor Speedway
3545 Lone Star Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76177-8903
United States

Event Details

Not only is it our annual AATC installation, but it's also an annual event where we recognize the best of the best in the industry. Each year, AATC reviews hundreds of nominees only to narrow it down to one. To be recognized as a Lone Star Award winner is truly an honor and a rare achievement held only by a select few over the years.


  • Assistant Manager of the Year
  • Community of the Year (4 TOTAL Awards Given)
  • Leasing Consultant of the Year
  • Maintenance Supervisor Over 250 Units
  • Maintenance Supervisor Under 250 Units
  • Property Manager Over 250 Units
  • Property Manager Under 250 Units
  • Regional Maintenance Supervisor of the Year
  • Regional Property Supervisor of the Year
  • Service Support of the Year of the Year

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  • ALN Apartment Data
  • Apartments.com
  • BG Multifamily
  • CAMP Construction
  • DeFord's Supply
  • Earthworks
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Impact Floors
  • JLS Towing
  • The Liberty Group
  • Lowe's Pro - MSH
  • Reliant
Food Sponsor: Stowe's Independent Services

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Congratulations to ALL Award Finalists!

Assistant Manager of the Year

  • Markicia Anderson, BH Management
  • Erika Bacilio, Apartment Service Management Company
  • Jennifer Bond, Olympus Property
  • Haleigh Brown, Valiant Residential
  • Amber Feliz, Carter-Haston
  • Ryan Gaytan, SPI/ Valiant Residential
  • Brittany Gonzales, WAK Management
  • Aspen Hill, BH Management
  • Angie Holcomb, Highmark Residential
  • Jessica Jackson, Olympus Property Management
  • Isabel  Monticello, Olympus
  • Jason Mozley, Madera
  • Brittany Preas, Madera Residential
  • Araceli Rosales, American Landmark
  • Whitney Tanner, Highmark Residential
  • Megan Watson, Olympus


Leasing Consultant of the Year

  • Keesha Bayer, Carroll Management
  • Vanessa Boston, Olympus Property
  • Valerie Del Rio, Madera Residential
  • Courtney Donnelly, MAA
  • Emily Frasier, Busboom Management Group
  • Shemeika Justice, Churchill Residential
  • Paige Koly, Greystar
  • Thanya Medina, WAK Management
  • Reagan Melton, Olympus Property
  • Dylan Noysavanh, Greystar
  • Rosalyn Solis, BH Management
  • Angela Thomas, Greystar
  • Verenice Vazquez, Madera Residential
  • Renee Walker, Olympus Property            
  • Crystal White, AV Property Management

Maintenance Supervisor of the Year Over 250 Units

  • Marvin Doss, WAK Management
  • Miguel Garcia, Greystar
  • Wilfredo Martinez, Olympus Property
  • Victor Raya, Greystar
  • Eduardo Rodriguez, Greystar
  • Alfredo Rojas, Valiant Residential
  • Liuver Setien, Madera Residential
  • David Staine, Cortland Properties
  • Jason Wyles, Highmark Residential

Maintenance Supervisor of the Year Under 250 Units

  • Jimmy Barnes, Elevate MultiFamily
  • Manuel Cano, American Landmark
  • Raul Cardona, Busboom Management Group
  • Pablo Hernandez, Madera Residential
  • Eliaz Lopez, Highmark Residential
  • Salvador Martinez Rivas, UAG Ventures
  • William Mejia, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Manual Ortega, Valiant Residential
  • Larry Richey, Olympus Property
  • Jose Sepulveda, Valiant Residential
  • Son Tran, Apartment Service Management Company

Property Manager of the Year Over 250 Units

  • Teresa Alvarado, Greystar
  • Rachael Anderson, Madera Residential
  • Pastora Avila, MAA
  • Aubrey Barnett, Olympus Property
  • Joseph Cancino, Greystar
  • Marixa De Lozano, BH Management
  • Audrey Gibson, Greystar
  • Haydy Giron, WAK Management
  • Ashley Harrison, BH Management
  • Amy Hurdsman, Olympus Property
  • Ana Jackson, Busboom Management Group
  • Marsha Ortiz, WAK Management
  • Deleathea Payne, Capstone Real Estate Services Inc.
  • Eira Rivera, Valiant Residential
  • Stephanie Rusnak, Olympus Property
  • T Jaye Sanders, Madera Residential
  • Yolanda Torres Rodriguez, Highmark Residential
  • Ben Wientge, Carroll Management

Property Manager of the Year Under 250 Units

  • Terrie Bass, Apartment Service Management Company
  • Rebecca Branscum, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Katrina Colley, Valiant Residential
  • Rosa Desantiago, Madera Residential
  • Georgina Felix, LumaCorp Inc.
  • Chanon Fisher, Valiant Residential
  • Diana Flores, American Landmark
  • Natasha Jones, Valiant Residential
  • Britteny Norris, Valiant Residential
  • Megan Thompson, BH Management

Regional Maintenance Supervisor of the Year

  • James Buford, American Landmark
  • Israel Flores, United Apartment Group
  • Erick Quintana, City Gate
  • Michael Sotak, Westdale

Regional Property Supervisor of the Year

  • Melanie Aaron, Greystar
  • Kyra Bennett, Valiant Residential
  • Amy Cox, Busboom Management Group
  • Kim Espinoza, Valiant Residential
  • Deborah Kelderman, City Gate Property Group
  • Crystal Sanchez, Valiant Residential
  • Jennifer Thomasson, Hudson Peters
  • Sarah Turner, Olympus Property

Service Support of the Year

  • Mark Ellzey, Greystar
  • Anastacio Flores, Olympus Property
  • Pablo Freitas, Apartment Service Management Company
  • Juan Galvan, Greystar
  • Peter Jaramillo, Greystar
  • Danny Munoz, Madera Residential
  • Matthew Nelson, Busboom Management Group
  • Ernesto Ortega, Madera Residential
  • Hoang Pham, BH Management
  • Austin Tyler, Olympus Property

Community of the Year Built Before 1990

  • Arbor Park Apartments, Wehner Multi Family
  • Bardin Oaks, LumaCorp Inc.
  • Belmont Place Apartments, M Group Residential
  • Copper Chase Apartments, Apartment Service Management Company
  • Eagles Point, Madera Residential
  • Hub at Chisholm Trail, Summit Property Management
  • Oak Park, Carroll Management
  • Trinity Meadows Apartments, WAK Management

Community of the Year Built Between 1990-2005

  • Chesterfield Apartments, Valiant Residential
  • Coventry at CityView, WAK Management
  • Homes of Parker Commons, Pace Realty Corp
  • Olympus Team Ranch, Olympus Property
  • The Club at Stonegate, Busboom Management Group
  • Towne Crossing Apartments, BH Management
  • Wildwood Creek Apartments, Grand Peaks Property Management

Community of the Year Built Between 2006-2016

  • Landing at Mansfield, BH Management
  • Parkside So7, ZRS Management
  • Providence at Marine Creek, Highmark Residential
  • Skyview West Apartments, Valiant Residential
  • Terrawood, Carter-Haston
  • The Davis, Olympus Property

Community of the Year Built After 2016

  • Oaks 55, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Stallion Pointe, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • The Landing at Centreport, Busboom Management Group
  • The Landing at Cross Creek, Landmark Management Group
  • The Standard at Boswell, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Trinity at Left Bank, Greystar

For More Information:

Annie Williams
Annie Williams
AATC Director of Special Events (817)284-1121

This event will take place on the infield of Texas Motor Speedway!

All attendees will be checked in before driving through the tunnel and onto the infield.

All attendees are asked to remain in and around their vehicle for the duration of the event. 

  • What is the event theme?
    Lone Star Nights (playing off of the movie Talladega Nights)

  • Is the cost per person or car?
    Registration is $65 per PERSON. 

  • May I register at the door?
    All attendees must register in advance. Anyone who shows up without being registered will be billed at a higher price point and will not receive food.

  • How early do I need to arrive?
    Gates will open at 4:30pm. The event will begin at 6:00pm. We encourage you to show up early to allow yourself plenty of time to get through the line and onto the infield.

  • Food and Beverages?
    Food will be provided to pre-registered attendees. There will be no bar at this event. You may bring in outside food and beverages, but all trash MUST be taken with you when you leave. There will NOT be trash cans available once inside. NO GLASS ALLOWED. NO GRILLS ALLOWED. No exceptions. 

  • How will this event work?
    The production will be broadcasted onto Big Hoss, which is the massive outdoor screen at Texas Motor Speedway. The sound will play in your car when tuned into the TMS FM broadcast station. 

  • What if I want to carpool with my team or friends?
    You may come in a group of any size. You may come in a vehicle of any size. (Please remember that ALL attendees must register in advance.) We want you to be safe and feel comfortable. Please practice safe social distancing. 

  • What if I want to park near my colleagues or friends?
    The Express Lot will be open so that cars can meet up before getting in line. There will not be reserved areas for certain companies to park in, so lining up as close as possible is the best way to ensure groups in separate vehicles can be parked near each other.

  • Bathrooms?
    Portable restrooms will be brought in for this event. Yes, porta pottys. The infield has been winterized, so there are no indoor facilities nearby or available to use.

  • How do I cheer for my colleagues if I am inside my car?
    When anyone you want to cheer for appears on the screen, HONK! In addition to honking your car horn, you may bring signs and air horns to cheer everyone on. (Please remember that anything you bring inside MUST be taken with you at the end of the event.)

  • What if I need to cancel my registration?
    Any cancellations must be received no later than Tuesday, January 26th at 12noon. 

  • What else?
    • All award winners will be announced at the event
    • Please remember to have a FULL gas tank
    • We are showing Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby after the event

      We look forward to seeing you at "Lone Star Nights!"