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Founder & President Micah Stateson is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, Economics Minor, and a Master’s in Industrial Distribution. Additionally, Micah Stateson has business/marketing experience from his first company Voltus Digital. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree Micah began employment at the number one defense contractor in the world. There he specialized in operations and subcontracts of which he led multiple efforts while successfully negotiating contracts in excess of $100,000,000. Micah’s unique education, experiences, and skill-sets are a few of the reasons why Micah provides value to his customers. When he isn’t working, Micah spends most of his time outdoors with his wife Rachel, his son Caleb, and his chocolate lab Murphy.


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3131 West Bolt Street B27 Fort Worth, TX 76110-5813


Photo of Micah Stateson