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Serve on an AATC committee.

One of the best ways for association members to realize a significant return on membership investment is by serving on one of our committees. You’ll meet new people, make new friends, and develop valuable new business relationships. Many of our volunteer-driven committees are open to members with time to give and a passion for serving. From membership to education and community service to communications, we have a wide variety of service opportunities waiting for you.

‚ÄčAll you need to do to get involved is scroll down to the bottom of this page, check the available committee that interests you most, and click submit. Your selection goes directly to the staff director responsible for each committee...and that’s when it’s our job to reach out to you. We begin forming our committees from scratch every October, so roll up your sleeves and sign-up—we look forward to working with you!

2019-2020 AATC Committees

Committee Chair – Michael Payne, Allmark; Sheila Wiggin, Staff Director
Our budget committee includes our executive officers who develop AATC's 2020 budget and manage the association’s fiscal assets in a responsible, open, and accurate manner. 
The Business Exchange 
Committee Chair – Nicolle Block, Lincoln; Perry Pillow, Staff Director
Plan, market, manage and host the association’s 2019 Business Exchange event.
Care Team 
Committee Chair – Lani Grant, Impact Floors; Sheila Wiggin, Staff Director
AATC's Board of Directors shares major life events within the association’s leadership team; helping when possible if and where there’s a need. 
Committee Chair – Laura Williams, ALN; Ed Blinn, Staff Director
Advise the association’s leadership team with helpful marketing recommendations; most especially focused on the AATC's Website, Social Media Initiatives, our online Membership Directory, and Dimensions Online. 
Community Service (Toy Drive & Bowling Tournament)
Committee Chair – Wesley Chapman, Lowe's Pro-MSH; Annie Williams, Staff Director
The association is deeply committed to giving back to the communities where we do business. Our community service focus includes the US Marine Corps Annual Toys for Tots campaign as well as AATC's primary community service partner--Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth. 
2020 Cowtown Epicurean Dinner 
Committee Co-chairs – Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; Annie Williams, Staff Director
The annual Epicuren Dinner provides a unique opportunity for association members to mix and mingle over a great meal while raising much-needed funds to support AATC's highly important political action committee contributions. 
The Divas Cup 
Committee Chair – Cindi Scoggins, Westdale; Sheila Wiggin, Staff Director
The always popular Divas Cup, our fun ladies golf tournament develops additional funds to help support the association’s education initiatives including credential program scholarship and keynote speaker expenses. 
Committee Chair – Darcy Bixby, Westdale; Gregory Ann Goldrick, Staff Director
AATC's education programs are designed to teach as well as inspire. From professional credentials to quick take-aways, we’re always working to push our members to be the best of the best in the multihousing business.
Education Foundation 
Foundation Chair – Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; Gregory Ann Goldrick, Staff Director
AATC's foundation trustees use net-proceeds from our annual Divas Cup to provide important credential program scholarships as well as funds to pay for keynote speaker expenses.  
Golf (Spring and Fall Golf Tournaments)
Committee Chair – Adam Keck, HD Supply; Annie Williams, Staff Director
Get ready to plan, market, manage, and host 2 of the association’s most popular events - Our spring and fall golf tournaments! These are fun events where supplier partners and owner members get to network.
Governance (HR, Bylaws & Strategic Planning)
Committee Chair – Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; John Mitchell, Staff Director
Our governance committee provides oversite for AATC's administrative responsibilities; from HR to bylaws and strategic planning, the association’s organizational interests are always front and center. 
Government Affairs 
Committee Chair – John Gillespie, WAK Management; Perry Pillow, Staff Director
Representing our member’s advocacy interests when it comes to the public side of the multi-housing business is one of the most important things we do. AATC remains constantly on guard, working with leaders at the municipal, county, state, and national levels to ensure a responsible regulatory environment.

Independent Rental Owners 
Committee Chair – Bryan Downer, Community Enrichment Center; Perry Pillow, Staff Director
AATC's IROs are an important group of smaller-volume hands-on property owners with unique management needs and interests. If you’re an IRO, you’re already on our committee. 
Leadership Lyceum 
Committee Chair – Jinger Lane, Lincoln; John Mitchell, Staff Director
Leadership development is one of AATC's most important recurring tasks. The people we choose to provide direction for tomorrow are today’s greatest assets.  
2020 Lone Star Awards 
Committee Chair – April Royal, Capstone; Annie Williams, Staff Director
Recognizing achievement is the cornerstone of what we do. AATCs prestigious Lone Star Awards is the most recognized multihousing prize in the Metroplex. Join us to plan, market, manage, and host the best-of-the-best in the business.   
Maintenance Mania 
Committee Chair – Tony Sims, Century AC; Annie Williams, Staff Director
Maintenance Mania is our wonderful "Maintenance Olympics." It’s that one day of the year when maintenance pros can step away from their daily routines and spend an evening with their peers and to also determine whose skills are the quickest.
Committee Co-chairs – Keith McAndrew, The Liberty Group; Sheila Wiggin, Jessica Jackson & Donna Merrill, Staff Directors
We’re constantly on the prowl looking for multihousing owners, managers, and service providers who can benefit from association membership.
Committee Chair – Cayce Coon, Madera; Annie Williams, Staff Director
Bridging the gap between all apartment industry professionals, while mentoring our next generation of leaders.
Products & Services 
Council Chair – Jeff Duerstock, Zumper; Ed Blinn, Staff Director
Our amazing vendor partners provide dimension to association membership. It’s our PSC that works hard every day to make property management the best it can be. If you’re a vendor, you’re already a member of our PSC. 
2020 Trade Show 
Committee Chair – James Giddens, Sherwin Williams; Ed Blinn, Staff Director  
A showplace for what property management needs is the best description for AATC's November trade show. Help us plan, market, manage, and host one of the largest multihousing markets in the business. 

Committee Chairs

Michael Payne
Michael Payne
Allmark Properties (972)834-3513
Budget, Education Foundation
Nicolle Block
Nicolle Block
Amalgamated Mgmt Corp
Business Exchange (2020)
Sherry Jordan
Sherry Jordan
LumaCorp Inc
Lani Grant
Lani Grant
Impact Floors (214)724-7146
Care Team
Laura Reese-Williams
ALN Apartment Data 18006436418
Wesley Chapman
Lowe's PRO-MSH (Maintenance Supply Headquarters)
Community Service
Cindi Scoggins
Cindi Scoggins
Westdale Asset Management Company
Divas Cup
Jason Busboom
Jason Busboom
Busboom Group
Epicurean Dinner (2020), Governance, PAC
Darcy Bixby
Westdale Asset Management Company
John Gillespie
WAK Management
Government Affairs
Bryan Downer
Community Enrichment Center
Jinger Lane
Lincoln Property Company
Leadership Lyceum
April Royal
Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.
Lone Star Awards
Tony Sims
Tony Sims
Century A/C Supply
Maintenance Mania
Keith McAndrew
The Liberty Group
Cayce Coon
Cayce Coon
CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty Vice President of Operations Madera Residential (817)521-4865
Jeff Duerstock
Jeff Duerstock
Zumper (214)883-4871
Candy Maxey
Candy Maxey
Greystar Real Estate Partners (214)502-5507
Strategic Planning
James Giddens
James Giddens
Sherwin-Williams Company
Trade Show