Business Exchange

The Business Exchange presented by Maintenance Supply HQ is the largest reverse trade show in the nation; it’s business-to-business speed-dating in a nutshell. AATC and AAGD, collectively the largest concentration of multi-housing units in the nation, have joined-hands to create the most efficient way imaginable for property owners and managers to exchange important information with our wonderful supplier-partners. If that’s not enough by itself, thanks to DFWs amazing leaders, the Business Exchange produces the largest contribution by far to our national association’s political action committee (NAA PAC).
Registration for the 2020 Business Exchange presented by Maintenance Supply HQ is postponed.

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Supplier Registration is POSTPONED:

  • Suppliers must be members of both AATC & AAGD
  • It is $400 per person; limit 4 attendees per supplier company
  • All payments must be personal donations. No company forms of payment will be accepted.
  • Because the Business Exchange is a PAC event, no receipts will be given. You will receive a contribution confirmation.
  • If registering more than one attendee, include attendees' names and emails in registration form comment section.
  • You will be prompted for attendee names AFTER contribution is made. If not prompted, email with attendee names)
  • For more information, contact Perry Pillow at or (817) 616-0354.

2020 Event Guidelines

  • We’re urging anyone not feeling well on or just before Aug 21 to stay at home. Please take care of you as well as your friends.
  • This year’s Exchange has moved downstairs to the ICCs much larger exhibit hall allowing for an extra degree of social distancing.
    • we’ll be spacing tables farther apart and providing throw-away signs.
  • Base on the current government directives, we are requiring all attendees to wear masks
  • We’re recommending a no-touch, wave and say “howdy” environment rather than shaking-hands and much-beloved hugging.
  • You’ll appreciate a no-touch registration process.
    • pick-up your own name tag and download a digital map of the OM companies when you arrive.
    • our 1 on 1 meetings will begin promptly at 10 am; concluding at 12 noon.
  • Individual hand-sanitizers will be distributed to every Exchange participant.
    • feel free to bring your own sanitizers and or PPEs if you’d prefer an extra degree of safety.
  • Food will not be provided during this year’s Exchange; only canned drinks and bottled water will be available.
    • outside beverages will not be allowed, so please don’t bring anything into the ICC but you and a smile.
  • We’ll be requiring a paperless and giftless Exchange this year; encouraging our vendor-partners and OMs to only trade digital information.
    • business cards, brochures, flyers, pens and pencils, bags and other typical Exchange collaterals will be prohibited.
    • as usual, we’ll send a post-Exchange contact list to every registered AATC and AAGD member.

We realize this is will be a far different Business Exchange, but considering thoughtful precautions and knowing we’re better together, we believe this year’s Exchange will produce another outstanding opportunity see and do business in-person together. ​

As of today, 110 executives from 28 DFW multifamily owner/management companies are attending the Business Exchange. See below for a list of attending companies.

Owner/Management Companies:

  • Alliance Residential
  • ​Allmark
  • ​Alpha-Barnes
  • Avenue 5
  • Busboom
  • ​Camden
  • City Gate Property Group
  • Cortland
  • Darcorp Management Group
  • ​Fath
  • ​Gables
  • ​Greystar
  • ​Highmark
  • KOMHATbI Property Management
  • LEDIC Management Group
  • Lincoln Property Company
  • Mayfair
  • NPMA
  • NRP
  • ​Olympus Property​
  • ​Portico
  • ​Sentinel Peak Capital
  • ​South Oxford
  • ​Tarantino
  • Topaz Asset Management
  • Valiant
  • Walker-Holder
  • ​Westdale

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