Pillow Talk - The Four T's

Posted By: Perry Pillow Legislative Updates,

Time, talent, treasure, and testimony are the four "asks" from most non-profits, religious organizations, and political candidates. A cynic would say these organizations desire their treasure (i.e., money) but mention time, talent, and testimony to soften the appeal. FWAA is one of those types of organizations, and FWAA PAC needs your money.  

Personal donations, playing in our golf tournaments, and participating in our pickleball event are crucial to ensuring that FWAA PAC has the necessary funds to support candidates that align with our industry's interests. Yes, we need your hard-earned money.  But we also need your time, talent, and testimony.

Last month, we explored our fourth Advocacy Attribute: overcoming objectionsNo excuses. This month, we examine investing in advocacy.

Savvy investors know that the only quarter you should worry about is a quarter of a century. Like the stock market, government regulations are volatile in the short term. Regarding apartment rules, fees, and ordinances, cities can be dormant for months, even years. Suddenly, without warning, on a random Tuesday, city officials can vote to enact an onerous regulation on our industry. To overcome these government whims, FWAA members must consistently invest their time, talent, treasure, and testimony in advocacy efforts that build long-term relationships with elected officials and government staff.

The challenge: FWAA members have limited time, talent, treasure, and testimony. The solution: make small, consistent investments of your time, talent, treasure, and testimony. The way to build personal wealth is to get rich slowly. The exact step-by-step approach works with advocacy. 

Start by donating $25 to FWAA PAC. FWAA advocacy efforts depend on all our members doing their part to support candidates that align with FWAA's interests financially. Contribute to the FWAA PAC by clicking on the following link:  https://form.jotform.com/220464310148143.

Next, invite a city council member to have coffee with your onsite teams and your residents. It is a great way for the council member to meet voters and for you to start or strengthen your relationship with an elected official. That is two T's: time and treasure.

Now, volunteer for a candidate or serve on a local city board, commission, neighborhood association, non-profit, religious organization, etc. You have the business skills needed to bring value and perspective to various worthy organizations—talent done. 

Finally, be a positive voice for our industry. FWAA members own/operate billions of dollars in real estate throughout our service area. We employ more than 5,000 individuals and generate hundreds of millions in tax revenues for local schools and cities. We provide homes for more than 700,000 Tarrant County residents. The bottom line is that we are kind of a big deal! Tell your story—tell your industry's story to your friends, family, neighbors, elected officials, community leaders, and anyone you know. Testify! Can I get an amen?

More than 30 years ago, FWAA members began a relationship with an East Fort Worth city council member. FWAA continued that relationship when this council member was elected mayor.  In 1996, this mayor decided to run for Congress. Over a 28-year career in Washington, D.C., this member of Congress rose to be Chair of the House Appropriations Committee—one of the most powerful positions in our nation's government. Over the decades, FWAA members invested their time, talent, treasure, and testimony that built a strong, deep personal bond with Chairwoman Kay Granger!  We are doing the same with her successor, Craig Goldman.

Commit to investing your time, talent, treasure, and testimony in FWAA advocacy efforts. It reaps dividends. 

MAY 28TH PRIMARY RUN-OFF ELECTIONS RESULTS - FWAA member Craig Goldman (63%) won the Republican primary run-off election for congressional district 12 (west Fort Worth and northern Parker County).  Because of your generous support of the FWAA Business Exchange, NAA PAC was able to contribute $10,000 towards Goldman's campaign. FWAA looks forward to working with Craig in Washington, D.C., to end the CARES Act 30-days NTV and ensure a pro-business, pro-jobs, low tax, and pro-housing legislative agenda. Unfortunately, FWAA member and long-time incumbent St. Rep. Stephanie Klick (43%) lost the Texas House District 91 Republican primary run-off election to anti-abortion activist David Lowe (57%). John McQueeney (54%) defeated Cheryl Bean (46%) in the Republican primary run-off election for the open Texas House District 97 (Goldman was the incumbent). FWAA friend and incumbent St. Rep. DeWayne Burns (42%) lost his Republican primary run-off election for the Texas House District 61 to former Glen Rose mayor Helen Kerwin (58%). Rodrick Miles (62%) defeated former Fort Worth mayor pro-tem Kathleen Hicks (38%) in the Democrat primary run-off election for Tarrant County Commissioner Court precinct 1. FWAA looks forward to working with all the newly elected officials.

FWAA APARTMENT OWNERS MEET WITH TAD BOARD MEMBER ERIC MORRIS– In May, FWAA past president Anthony Wonderly, Bellrock, and FWAA owner-members John Gillespie, WAK, and Ian Mattingly, Luma Residential, along with FWAA staff members Kevin Pellegrino and Perry Pillow met with newly elected Tarrant Appraisal Board member Eric Morris to discuss apartment valuations and appraisal process.

FWAA HOST HOUSING AFFORDABILITY ROUNDTABLE – On May 17, FWAA President Bryan Downer, CEC; FWAA President-elect Sarah Turner, Steward + Helm; FWAA Secretary Nicole Zaitoon, Allied Property Management; FWAA board members Becca Brown, Intersolutions; Laurie Root, Asset Living; Jamie Woody, Trinity Residential; and Kristin Vick, Stowes; Kim Baxley, RPM; along with FWAA staff members Ed Blinn, Gregory Ann Goldrick, Kevin Pellegrino, and Perry Pillow hosted a roundtable discussion on housing affordability with Tarrant County affordable housing advocates Paige Charbonnet, LVT Rise; Mary Margaret Lemons, Fort Worth Housing Solutions; Tara Perez, City of Fort Worth; Lauren King, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition; and Deanna Ray and Jyme Gordy from Arlington Housing. The discussion focused on opportunities for FWAA to partner with these social services and housing providers to increase the affordable housing stock.  

BUSINESS EXCHANGE - Just a reminder: Owner/operator and supplier registration is underway for the FWAA 2024 Business Exchange presented by Perma Pier on August 6 at the Hurst Conference Center. To register, go to: https://www.aatcnet.org/events/aatc-2024-business-exchange. Owner/operators: Yours and your colleagues' attendance ensures that FWAA can assist NAA PAC in raising the necessary funds to fight the extremely onerous CARES Act 30-day Notice to Vacate! The Business Exchange is FREE for owners/operators. FWAA supplier partners:  This year's event is $400 per supplier attendee; there is a limit of four attendees per supplier company. Owner/operators—be sure to register your purchasing folks and team members who make or influence buying decisions! Suppliers - Do not wait until it is too late!  Register today! 

CONTRIBUTE TO THE FWAA PAC – FWAA advocacy efforts depend on all our members doing their part to support candidates that align with FWAA's financial interests. If you'd like to make a contribution, please visit https://form.jotform.com/220464310148143.

Perry Pillow is FWAA's Director of Government Affairs. For more information, contact Perry at ppillow@aatcnet.org  or call 817-701-6353.