New FWAA Site Tools Coming Soon

Posted By: Michele Flores Dimensions Online,

We are happy to report that FWAA is very close to launching its new CRM platform, Salesforce. With that comes a new website as well. This new product will provide a new level of efficiency and operations for the FWAA staff and a more user-friendly experience for our customers—you. FWAA is a member-driven organization with a ‘member-first’ mindset, and that’s why, time and time again, we hear constant feedback on how comfortable and welcome FWAA makes members feel, regardless of our initiatives—and we want to keep it that way.

Enter Salesforce.

Over time, this platform will offer the following benefits for all members:

  1. Optimized user experience
  2. Improved shopping cart and payment processing system
  3. More accurate member involvement history, including event participation, class attendance, and your involvement on any boards or committees
  4. Improved Member directory
  5. Flexibility to expand and improve based on customer experience and feedback
  6. Single sign-on for FWAA member services
  7. Improved calendar functions so you can keep track of FWAA meetings and events more efficiently
  8. More API integration for improved connectivity to other services
  9. Access to outstanding invoices and receipts

For staff, this will allow for:

  1. More efficient payment collection and invoicing
  2. Advanced reporting and tracking
  3. High customer and prospect engagement
  4. Superior customization
  5. Integration with third-party data sources for more accurate membership data
  6. Built-in billing, payments, and invoicing
  7. Opportunities for advanced member management.
  8. And a whole lot more!

All you have to do is check your email in the coming weeks for a message from our new system once it’s rolled out to set up your account. If any information in your company has changed in the past 12 months (employees, address, email, phone, us to get your information updated. We’re only as good as the data we have, and that information comes from you. 

We hope you enjoy our new platforms as much as we do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever experience anyissues logging in or working with your account.

Our future is bright!

Michele Flores, COOBrazos Residential
FWAA Marketing Committee Chair

For more information, contact Ed Blinn at