Membership Keeps AATC Ticking

Posted By: Ben Wientge Dimensions Online ,
Ben Wientge, Carroll Management, and Daniel Pentikis, Honey Bees Roofing,
are AATC's Membership Committee Co-Chairs
Do you ever wonder how a clock works?

In today’s society, it’s easy to take for granted the idea of a clock. You can look at your phone, microwave, or even your Amazon Alexa and know what time it is. While a digital clock typically does something as simple as accessing an online server that tells it what time it is or accesses a built-in function in its software, a mechanical clock is much different. Those are the types of clocks I’m referring to. If you ever want your mind blown, just watch someone take apart an old pocket watch and put it back together. You can search the video online and immediately get thousands of results. I’m no clockmaker, but I can tell you there are more pieces than I can count. I can also tell you that of all those pieces inside that clock, there is one that is important above all others—the escapement. This single device controls the energy output from the wound-up spring – remember having to wind your watch? – so the entire clock does an accurate job of keeping time. However, if the escapement is engineered poorly, built incorrectly, or not of high quality, there is a risk of the clock not functioning to its full potential.

For AATC, our escapement is membership. Everything we do and every outcome we desire all rely on the depth of our membership. It may seem like a menial task each year to renew your membership dues, but to us, it’s everything! The size of our membership matters; it’s paramount to our operation! The more members we have, the more advocacy dollars we can raise; the more trade show exhibitors we can have; the more rental units we represent; the more education we can provide; the more influence we have. These are just a few examples. Are you starting to see the connection yet?

That’s why AATC has a Membership Committee. This group of people, led by myself, Ben Wientge of Carroll Management, and co-chair, Daniel Pentikis of Honey Bees Roofing, have one goal—increasing membership by retaining current members and recruiting new ones. While this may seem like a relatively easy task, I can attest that it is not. It takes a lot of focus and talent, which our committee members represent every day.

We are excited to have an opportunity to push our membership further than it has ever been before. We will be the escapement AATC needs to keep on ticking and continue to be the reliable source of multifamily leadership and business development as it has been for over 50-years.

You can help! Do you work with companies that aren’t members? Encourage them to join so they can see the benefits for themselves—send them to our website and have them click the ‘join’ button. Remember, we encourage members to use other members for their products and services. One more thing, I’m here to remind you that you can access your online AATC account anytime at You can register for events (like our upcoming Business Exchange) and classes, search our online membership directory, and even pay your open invoices. 

Thank you for letting us serve you.