June 2024 President's Letter

Posted By: Bryan Downer Dimensions Online,

Time flies when you are having fun!

It's hard to believe that we are at the midpoint of 2024, and there is no slowing down. Education classes are in full swing, and our Lyceum class is wrapping up. Each of your staff has so many opportunities for learning and growth. There is so much to keep up with in the ever-changing world of multi-family housing. Keeping your team trained has never been easier with all the offerings at the FWAA.

Last month, we hosted an affordable housing discussion with some of the leaders in the world of affordable housing and homelessness prevention. We had a robust conversation about the issues we all face with housing in our region. With thousands moving into DFW every month, we are faced with a housing shortage, and with the cost to build and operate going up by the minute, affordable housing options are scarce. We are all in the home business and want the best for our community and our residents. This discussion will continue, and we'll update you after our next meeting.

I hope that you all will take some time to recharge and do something fun with friends and family. Work/Life balance is important. Most of you are high achievers and go strong every day. The best way to keep the pace fast is to take some time to stop and enjoy life. 

Lastly, our very own Anthony Wonderly at Bellrock Real Estate Partners was named one of INC magazine's 400 Most Influential People in Fort Worth. Congrats Anthony! 

Have a great Summer!