Cirque Du Stratégie

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If you have been to Las Vegas or searched for entertainment over the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Cirque du Soleil–The Canadian company that reinvented the traditional circus. They surfaced in the 80s as a contemporary circus that captured the world’s attention, focusing on human physical skill and narrative instead of animals and star clowns. One of their first productions was named “We Reinvent the Circus.” Over the years, they have received feedback, rebranded, and evolved to keep up with audience demands continuously. The importance of being strategic has been highly beneficial to their success. The result of this strategy is the formation of many brilliant productions and a unique take on “The Greatest Show.”

When thinking in terms of development, strategy is everything. Having a strategy means being honest with yourself and knowing how to move forward or, if needed, “rewrite the show.” Our team and individual learning paths must involve feedback, discussion, and a brave step towards the goal. Sometimes our show needs to be revamped, rewritten, and revised; “The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Amid all the wonder at Cirque du Soleil, many talented individuals contribute to their constant creative growth. Surprisingly, those individuals do not have the title of Creative Director; instead, they are “Research and Development Specialists.” Constantly questioning the status quo, always seeking betterment.

When we are honest with ourselves about where we are on our path to greatness, we discover something even greater—a reinvented identity. Cirque du Soleil has established a culture of innovation, permanently looking for new challenges and cultivating openness. They have a deep commitment to honesty, creating positive friction and skyrocketing successful ideas. This year can be the year you reinvent yourself, refresh, and retrain. AATC is here for you and your team to lean on! Our credential and training programs can help with the development strategy.

We all crave more and want to take our journey to the next level. The last two years have been a long intermission; it’s time for the second act. Do you need to rewrite your development plan? Intermission is over. Let’s get strategic. Let’s perform.

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Katy Polanco, 2022 Chair, Education Committee
Learning and Development, Olympus Property 

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