2022 Trade Show Contract

General Information

Thank you for your company’s commitment to exhibiting its products and or services in the Apartment Association of Tarrant County’s annual trade show. This year’s exhibition is scheduled from 4 until 8 pm on Tue Nov 15, 2022, at the Arlington Convention Center, 1200 Ballpark Way Arlington TX 76011. Please note this is a binding contract between the member company of record and the Apartment Association. Once this agreement has been executed between the member company and the Association, all rules, responsibilities, policies, and/or requirements will be enforced and payments required within pre-determined deadlines below.

1 A to E – Trade Show Fees and Assignments

1 A – Booth Fees: Exhibitor booth deposits must be paid by no later than May 30, 2022. Required deposits must adhere to the following schedule:

    • Regular Single 10x10 Total Booth Cost: $1,275 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $1,025 (due by July 31)
    • Premium Single 10x10 Total Booth Cost: $1,375 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $1,125 (due by July 31)
    • Super Single ~10x14* (determined by Fire Marshal)Total Booth Cost: $2,900 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $2,650 (due by July 31)
    • Regular Double 10x20 Total Booth Cost: $2,550 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $2,300 (due by July 31)
    • Premium Double 10x20 Total Booth Cost: $2,650 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $2,400 (due by July 31)
    • Pavilion 20x20 Total Booth Cost: $3,100 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $2,850 (due by July 31)
    • Super Pavilion 20x20 Total Booth Cost: $3,300 Deposit: $250 (due by April 30) Balance Due: $3,050 (due by July 31)

1 B – Booth Refunds: Deposits and or payments will not be refunded for any reason except in the event the show is canceled by AATC. Upon cancellation, AATC will refund your booth fee. AATC will not be responsible for refunding any other costs related to your booth.

1 C – Booth Assignments: Exhibition Booths will be selected at the same time Trade Show Exhibitor Agreements are executed. If a deposit or balance exceeds its deadline, booth assignments become open and available on a first-come basis for current exhibitors.

1 D – Booth Proximities: The Association provides no guarantees regarding the location of exhibition booths since booth selections are made by each member exhibitor. If a competitor member’s booth is located within close proximity, the Association can only provide options within the scope of remaining unassigned booths.

1 E – No Shows: Exhibitors not showing up by 3 pm on the day of the trade show forfeit reserved exhibition space and the Association may reassign or re-sell the space.

2 A to I – Exhibitor’s Trade Show Responsibilities

2 A – Insurance: Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining adequate insurance necessary to fully protect the Association from any claim of any nature at any time. The Association is not responsible for injury, theft, damage, or personal loss of any kind.

2 B – Booth Personnel: Exhibitors are responsible for staffing trade show booths. Personnel must be owners, employees, or designated representatives of the exhibiting company. A list of approved personnel must be provided to the association in advance of the trade show.

2 C – Conduct: Exhibitors may not enter the trade show without prior authorization. Non-exhibiting friends and or guests will be prohibited. Unprofessional displays and or behavior will result in expulsion from the show.

2D – Safety: Exhibition materials and content must meet the safety standards of the Convention Center as well as the Fire Department. For example, theatrical smoke, fog or pyrotechnics requires prior written approval as well as safety personnel on-site during trade show hours.

2 E – Prior-approvals: Exhibitors are responsible for securing necessary licenses or consents for performances, displays, or copyrighted materials or inventions used during the trade show. Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Association harmless from any claim of liability or incident resulting in related loss or damages.

2 F – Exhibition Parameters: Exhibitors are required to show products and or services within the scope of their reserved exhibition booth space. Member-exhibitors may not solicit customers and or share marketing materials at any other location within the trade show venue. Additional exhibition parameters include:

    • Displays are limited to the reserved exhibition space and must not block the view of adjacent trade show booths.
    • Exits and aisles are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
    • Volume and or excessive lighting from trade show displays and or entertainment must be kept to a minimum. Exhibitors must not impede the visibility of an exhibiting neighbor’s interaction with our show attendees.
    • Beverages and or food provided by trade show exhibitors must be purchased directly from the Convention Center.
    • Vehicles on display must meet the Convention Center’s criteria.
    • Compressed gas cylinders must meet the Convention Center’s criteria.
    • Live animals are not permitted in the Convention Center.
    • Booth decorations are not permitted on Convention Center walls
    • Glitter and glue cannot be used in the building.
    • Artificial lighting and or open flames are prohibited.
    • Smoking is prohibited within the Convention Center at all times.

2 G – Moving-in and Moving-out: Exhibitors will be able to move into the Convention Center beginning at 8 am on the day of the show. Booth displays must be completed by no later than 3 pm. Booth personnel are required to be present in the reserved booth during trade show hours from the start of the show at 4 pm until the show closes at 8 pm. Exhibition booth space may absolutely not be dismantled and or moved from the Convention Center until the show concludes at 8 pm. Exhibitors must be moved-out by no later than 11 am the following day.

2 H – Exhibition Displays: The general design and character of each exhibition must reflect generally accepted professional standards. Questionable displays or unacceptable behavior by any exhibitor will be determined by the presiding trade show chair and the Association’s staff and will be subject to immediate adjustment or removal.

2 I – Final Authority: Clarifications, misunderstandings, and/or disputes related to any trade show rule, responsibility, policy, and/or requirement are the responsibility of the presiding trade show chair, PSC Advisory Council, the Board of Directors, and the Association’s staff.

3 A to F – Association’s Trade Show Responsibilities

3 A – Exhibition Booth Floor Plan: The Association will provide a professional trade show design provided by a third-party exhibition decorator including carpeting, exhibition booth drapery, and aisle signs plus, an adequate registration area. Additional services including exhibition booth furniture can be purchased in advance from the exhibition decorator. The Association will provide available booth decorating options in advance of the show.

3 B – Convention Center: The Association will maintain a contractual agreement with the Convention Center to provide parking, concessions, and general exhibition lighting. Additional services including internet availability and electricity for individual booths can be purchased in advance from the Convention Center. Once again, the Association will provide available service options from the Convention Center in advance of the show.

3 C – Security: The Association will provide adequate security (Arlington Police officers) to monitor the crowd during the show.

3 D – Marketing: The Association will begin marketing the trade show well in advance utilizing every available means of communications including snail-mail, email, fax, Dimensions Online, our AATCnet.org website as well as one-on-one invitations.

3 E – Sponsorships: A variety of related trade show sponsorships (including Aisle Signs, Floor Decals, Guest Golf Carts, Bars, and Name Badge Lanyards) are available on a first-come basis. 

3 F – Bingo Booths: The Association will sell up to 10 Bingo Booths to trade show exhibitors available on a first-come basis. Bingo booths will cost $250 and require payment at the time each booth is secured. Additional information regarding bingo booths can be found at AATCnet.org.

Trade Show Exhibitor Authorization

Every trade show exhibitor agrees to hold the Association, its employees, and or its leadership team harmless by reason of any claim or liability imposed by law on account of property damage or bodily injuries, including death sustained or alleged to be sustained by any person or persons in attendance during the show. This agreement represents a binding contract between the exhibitor and the Apartment Association, executed by the member’s authorized representative at the time of its execution. The agreement continues as valid regardless of resulting personnel or ownership adjustments. For additional information and or related questions regarding the Apartment Association’s November 15, 2022 Trade Show, go to www.AATCnet.org or contact: Ed Blinn, Director of Communications, 817-992-1466 or ed.blinn@aatcnet.org.